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Ehoes of the past

17 сәуір 2014, Бейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The plan o the lesson.
The theme: Echoes of the past
The aim of the lesson: Developing of pupils’ speaking, reading and wiring skills and oral speech.
The objectives: SWBAT – talk about life in the past using There was/were, It was and make up sentences and describe our life in the past.
The type of the lesson: new lesson.
The form of the lesson: group work.
The procedure of the lesson.

I Org. moment. Hello children. How are you today?
Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s begin.
II Warm - up
Regular verb ---------- Irregular verb
Like -------------------- Do/ did / done
Live -------------------- Go/ went / gone
Play -------------------- Be/ was/were /been
III Checking up homework
Ex 4, 6. Page 56.

IV Presentation.
Church Forest Square
Town River Bridge
Castle Factory Village
Market Town hall Skyscraper
Ex1 Key vocabulary. Match these sentences with the pictures. Some sentences are true for several pictures.
1 A very tall building.
2 Trafalgar --------- is in London.
3 The town’s leaders work here.
4 In this place people buy or sell things.
5 A small group of houses and shops. It isn’t a town.
6 A large building where people make things( cars, TV)
7 If you want to drive a car across a river, this is necessary.

8 A large building where people go for pray
Key grammar
There was (singular) It was
There were (plural)
There was a church.
There were two shops
It was near the river
Positive sentence
Was there a church?
Were there any shops?
Yes. There was.
Yes. There were.
Questional sentence
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