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Gardening in England

04 маусым 2014, Сәрсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Theme «Gardening in England»
The objectives of the lesson
1. to teach the pupils to get the main information while reading the text to improve hearing skills.
2. to develop visual and aural memory attention, thinking.
3. to teach to understand and Love Nature
Type of lesson: Getting new information visual aids: Level cards, pictures, a textbook, interactive board.
Procedure of the Lesson
Organization moment
What season is it now?
What month is it now?
What is the weather like today?
Stage 1. Revision of the previous material 'Kazakhstan Teenagers'.
a) At what age do people vote in Kazakhstan?
b) When do children finish school?
c) At what age can a teenager drive in Kazakhstan?
d) At what age can a teenager get a part time job?
Give the rule of the Past Continuous Tense and explain in what way this tense is formed second stage.
Presentation of the material
Warm up.
Find the words.
2. Vocabulary.
• plant [pla: nt] – отырғызу
• water [wa: tә ] – су құю, сурау
• whitewash [waitwo?], v – ақтау
• prune [pru: n ], v – кесу, бұтау
• garden [ga: dn] – бақ
• gardener [ga: dәnә] – бағбан
• gardening [ga: dni?] – бағбаншылық
3. Discuss the following questions in groups
1. Do you like flowers?
2. What kind of flowers do you have?
3. Do you enjoy growing the flowers?
4. Do you want to be a gardener?
4. Gardening in England
England is famous for its gardens and most people like gardening. Flower shows and vegetable shows are popular in England. At these shows gardeners get prizes for the most beautiful flowers and the biggest vegetables.
The process of growing plants is more important to a lot of gardeners than looking at flowers or eating vegetables.
Third stage Level tasks

Level I
1. True \ T / or false / F/
a. English people like gardening —————-.
b. Flower shows and vegetables shows are not popular in England ———-.
c. At these shows gardeners get prizes —————–
d. Looking at flowers or eating vegetables is more important to a lot of gardeners than the process of growing plants ————————.
2. Put the words in the correct order.
were / yesterday / what/ doing / you / at/ 3/ o’clock?
was / watering / flowers / I/?
enjoy / I/ working/ in the garden/
mother/ my/ was / the /flowers/ watering/
2. Translate the sentences.
1. Әселдің бағы бар.
2. Оның бағында әртүрлі гүлдер өседі.
3. Әсел бағында жұмыс істегенді ұнатады.
4. Оның бағбан болғысы келеді.

Level II.
1. Choose the right form.
a. Mike met/was meeting Omar at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday.
b. Omar’s father planted/ was planting trees at that time.
c. Asel whitewashed/ was whitewashing the fruit trees at that time.
d. After the lunch between 2 and 3 Omar watered/ was watering the flowers.
e. Omar was/ were watering dread brunces.

Level III
1. The method of Cinguain
Beautiful, green.
Think, pollute, protest.
Oh, nature, are beautiful, people.
3. Write the topic ‘’ Gardening in my schools’’
Evalution of the pupil’s knowledge
Giving hometask;
Your projects Mother Nature wants your help.
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Short content of the lesson “Education of Kazakhstan”
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