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The theme of the lesson: Colours
The objectives of our lesson are:
1. To develop all language skills.
2. To develop color vocabulary, recognition and color associations.
3. To be introduced with the new vocabulary and grammar structures, and use correctly in speech.
The type of the lesson: Introduction of new material
The method of the lesson: speaking, listening, singing, answer – questions
Visual aids: books, work books, coloring pencils, power point presentations, Interactive board, CD, slide, video, flashcards, cubes.
Vocabulary꞉ red, green, yellow, grey, white, orange, black, pink, purple, blue, brown.

The procedure of the lesson:
I. Organization moment:
- Good afternoon dear students and guests,
- Please answer my question, what color is our state flag?
- Yes you are right! It’s blue! So, the theme of our lesson is “Colors”. Today we are going to teach about colors.

II. Checking up the home task
Before that I would like to check your homework: What was your home task? While checking or after checking to ask students whether they had any difficulties.

III. Presentation of the new theme
After checking the home task the teacher says that the students know colors in their native language, and that today they are going to learn them in English. Then the colors are introduced in power point presentation.
T: - Today we are going to teach about colors. Please, look at the board for watching presentation.
First go colors as drops and then objects with certain color.

IV. Physical training
Let us sing a song about actions /1 minute/

V. Let’s play
- Now, I would like the class be divided into 3 groups. You are going to play an association game. You should throw the dice and according to the color name some objects you know with that color.
E. g. if there is red - a red apple, a red cross
If there is green - green frog…
Everybody will be involved in that game.

Now, if you are tired I would like to suggest a running game, which is called “TOUCHING AND WRITING GAME.”
You are to go to the blackboard and touch the color your teacher says and you must write the first letter of the color.
Teacher’s instructions can be:
Different for each team and she can say: “touch red, write the first letter.”

VII. Physical training
I think it’s time to relax and let us listen to the actions song!

VIII. Work with pupil’s book.
Open your books at page 25 exercise 2
/work with stickers./

IX. Work with workbook
Now, let us do some exercise from the activity book.
Exercise 1 and exercise 3.

X. Conclusion
I would like to check your memory, look at the next slides, can you name the color?

XI. Evaluation
I think it is useful before doing the task for assessment.
Erzhanuly, Aisayeva, Bekbol etc. come up, please. You need to be marked today. The task is following: go to the desks, choose any picture you like and then color it. After that we are going to check them with other children.
- Is he/she right?- yes, she /he is.

XII. Reflection
Do you know why I chose these three colors to talk about?
- Yes, you are right. This is a traffic light. Do you know what to do when the light is red? Green? Yellow?
What have you learnt today? Did you like our lesson? Thank you! Our lesson is over! Goodbye!
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