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Comparing the educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan

29 қараша 2014, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Form 8
[b]The theme: “Comparing the educational system in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan”[/b]
The aim of the lesson:
Educational: to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme to practice the usage of numbers and prepositions.
Developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; to develop students’ interest in research works.
Brining up: to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan.
The type of the lesson:
The method of the lesson: group work, individual work, general,
Visual aids: computers, posters, markers, pictures, an interactive board

The procedure of the lesson
1. Greeting
2. Psychological training “What figure like me?”
3. Checking up the home task
4. Warm up
5. Speaking skill
6. Grammar skill
7. Listening skill
8. “Hot chair”
9. Comparing
10. Evaluation
11. Giving home task
12. Reflection

[b]1. Greeting[/b]
Asking about the date, absents, etc.
Who is on duty today?
Who is absent?
What date is it today?
What is the weather like today?
How are you today?
[b]2. Psychological training “What figure like me?”[/b]
Look at the active board. You see different figures, choose the figure you like.
STAR - You are a leader, you are always active
TRIANGLE - You are a very creative person. You are full of the ideas, fantasy and energy.
3. Dividing the students into 2 groups using these 2 figures
[b]Explain the evaluation sheet

[b]Checking – up the home task[/b] “My school” a project work

[b]Warm - up:[/b]
What kind of education do you know?
primary secondary environment infant health

There are given some words, pupils must choose the related words to the theme.
[b]Speaking skill:[/b]
The first group will speak about the education in Great Britain
The second group will speak about the education in Kazakhstan
[b]Writing skill:[/b]
Grammar: Real conditional (Use the electronic book L9)
1st task from EBook
2nd task from book
Translate in to English
Егер ауа - райы жаңбырлы болса, біз үйде қаламыз.
Егер сіз біздің мектепке келсеңіз, мектеп жанынан жаңа спорт алаңын көресіз.
Егер менің ақшам көп болса, мен жаңа велосипед алар едім.
Егер сен Лондонға барсаң, сен бірнеше қызық жерлеріне саяхаттар едің.
3rd task Work with cards
Card 1
If I … any help, I … you (to need, to ask).
I … very surprised if he … the examination (to be, to pass).
Card 2
If you … Alec ask him if he … me a book from the library (to see, to bring).
If I … time I … the football match on TV (to have, to watch).

[b]Listening skill:[/b]
1. Listen to the conversation from the electronic book
2. Comprehension check
- Simon hates the tests of grade.
- Saule agrees to have such tasks, because knowledge is your future.
- Marta says that her lessons are exciting.
- Marat says that his lessons are very interesting. It depends upon teachers and subjects.
- Samat thinks it isn’t good to do homework, its waste of time.
[b]“Hot chair” game. Put the right order [/b]
1 group
P1: Do you go to a private or state school?
P2: I go to a state school.
P1: What kind of school is it?
P2: It is a comprehensive school, but there are some classes with deep study of different subjects, Maths or Foreign languages, for example.
P1: How many subjects do you have at school?
P2: A lot of subjects: Maths, English, History, Geography, Biology, Art, Physical Education and others.
P1: How often do you have English on your timetable?
P2: We have English four times a week.

2 group
P1: What about Art?
P2: We’ve got Art only once a week.
P1: What is your favourite subject?
P2: My favourite subjects are History and Music.
P1: Do you have to wear a school uniform?
P2: No, we don’t have to wear a uniform in our school.
P1: Would you like to wear a uniform?
P2: I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
[b]Conclusion [/b]
Comparing the education of GB and KZ using the Vein diagram.
[b]Evaluation [/b]
Points Marks
30 - 24 5
23 - 19 4
18 - 10 3

[b]Home task[/b]
To make a dialogue about your school day
[b]Reflection [/b]
Green smile – the lesson was interesting
Red smile – the lesson was boring
Blue smile – the lesson was exciting

You are very active today. I’m sure that our lesson was interesting and useful for you... That’s all for today. The lesson is over! Thank you for your attention. Good bye!
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