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Eating in Britain

Eating in Britain
Grade: 7
The aims:
Educational: To master new lexis and its use in speech.
Developing: To develop the students’ speaking, listening, writing and thinking habits.
Bringing - up: to teach pupils to be the patriot of their countries and well read person.

Type of the lesson: New lesson
Kind of lesson: Traditional Lesson
Methods of lesson: Dialogue, reading, words, speaking, doing exercises, translating
Equipments: words, pictures, grammar structures, schemes


I. Organization moment.
Good morning children. Sit down please. I m very glad to see you. At first who is on duty today? Who is absent? What day is it today?
What date is it today? What is the weather like today?
Phonetic drill. Give me an orange
I don’t like porridge
Oh, mum, will you give me
Please, give me an orange
Give [giv] беру
Porridge [poridӡ] ботқа
Orange [orindӡ] апельсин

II. The aim of the lesson
Today we have an extra ordinary lesson. And now lets begin our lesson. Today we have new theme, at the lesson you will introduce with new words and grammar structures. Get ready for the lesson. Prepare your books and copy books.

III. The new theme. Let’s introduce with new words and write down them on your copy book. As you see at the lesson we will speak about “Eating in Britain”. Look at the board.
Eating [i: tiη] тамақтану
Food [fu: d] тамақ
Fruit [fru: t] жемістер
Drinks [driηks] сусындар
Vegetable [vedӡtәbl] көкеністер
Tableware [teiblweә] үстел жабдықтары
Fish [ fi∫] балық
Meat [mi: t] ет
Plates [pleits] тәрелке
Glasses [glәzis] стакан
Spoon [spu: n] қасық
Onion [λniјәn] пияз
Cheese [t∫i: z] ірімшік
Knife [naif] пышақ
Fork [fok] шанышқы
Open your vocabulary and write down the new words.
Grammar structures

Саналатын зат есімдер
We need a tea pot and some cups.
Teapot, cup сөздерінің көпше түрлері бар.
Олар саналатын зат есімдер.
Саналмайтын зат есімдер
We need some tea and some milk.
Tea, milk сөздерінің көпше түрлері жоқ.
Олар саналмайтын зат есімдер.

Болымды сөйлемдерде қолданылады.
I need some money.
Болымсыз сөйлемдерде қолданылады.
I haven’t got any sisters and brothers.

Көпше түрдегі зат есімдермен
Саналмайтын зат есімдермен

Саналмайтын зат есімдермне
I haven t got much money.

Саналатын зат есімдермен
There are many apples on the table.

Сұраулы және болымсыз сөйлемдерде

IV. Practical part
Now children open your textbooks at page 65 ex. 1. It is the first paragraph of the Unit 3. Now who wants to read the dialogue between Ann and Talgat? You please. You must read it and translate.
The next task you must complete the chart given in the ex. 2 p. 65.
Let’s pass to the next task you must make two lists. The first list for singular, the second for plural nouns.

Ex. 5 p. 66 Arrange these nouns into the lists of
Fruit Vegetable Tableware

In order to check your knowledge that you receive at this lesson let’s do the next task:
ex. 7 p. 66 Complete the sentences with much and many.

V. Giving homework
Open your record book and write down your home task: learn the grammar rules and lexis.

VI. Conclusion.
Now children our lesson come to the end. And I want to ask you some questions: 1) What have you known at the lesson today?
Do you like lesson?
What have we done at the lesson today?
You see the paper on the each of desk, you must complete the table and give it to me.
I knew
I have known
I want to know
Thank you for your active part during the lesson.
The lesson is over.
Good bye Children.
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