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Have you got any cake?

Theme: Have you got any cake?
Form: 4
• Presentation of using “have got + some, haven`t got + any” and vocabulary;
• Developing of the students reading and writing skills;
• Enlarge their memories and enable them talking about food.
Vocabulary: bananas, carrots, chocolate, sardines, peas, tomatoes, any.
Materials: presentations, pupil`s book, activity book, CD, flashcards.

The Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment
1. Greeting
• Good afternoon, children!
• Good afternoon, teacher!
• How are you today?
• I`m fine, thank you, and you?
• I`m well, thanks.
• Today we have got an unusual lesson. Today we have guests. Let`s greet them. Turn back and greet them!
• Thank you, sit down, please!
• What date is it? Today is the third of December.
• What day is it? Today is Thursday.
• What is the weather like today? Today the weather is warm, sunny, and snowy.

2. Phonetic drill
Presentation “Food”

3. Warm – up
• Let`s discuss what happened in the last episode. Who is Otto? He is Arabella`s brother. Is Bertie hungry? Yes, he is. Where does he go? He goes to Otto`s shop.
• Today we will continue to speak about our friends and about foods. We know that Bertie is in the Otto`s shop. And he is hungry. How do you think what does Bertie like to eat?
4. Vocabulary: sardines, pizza, chocolate, banana, carrots, any, some, tomatoes.

5. Checking the homework.
AB ex. 9, 10 p. 20

II. Main Part
T.: Open your books p. 26 - 27. The theme of our lesson is “Have you got any cake?”. Look at the pictures and talk about them. What do you see? What do they do? What does Bertie want to eat?
1. a) ex. 1 p. 26 Listen the text (twice).
b) ex. 1 p. 26 Read the text.

2. a) ex. 2 p. 27 Choose and circle.
b) answers:
1. Otto hasn`t got any ice cream.
2. Otto hasn`t got any chocolate.
3 Otto`s got some sardines.
4. Otto hasn`t got any pizza.
5. Otto`s got some carrots.
6. Otto`s got some peas.
3. Grammar reference.
Presentation “Any/some”

ex. 3 p. 28

III. Warm – up.
Children let`s sing a song
“If you are happy and you know it”

IV. Practice
You will work in your Activity Book.
AB ex. 1, 2 p. 21

Task 1.
V. Home work
AB p. 22
VI. Conclusion
Let`s revise what we have learnt today. What did you do on this lesson?
Do you like today`s lesson? In the next lesson we will continue to speak about our friends. And we will finish our lesson. Today`s mark … is … The lesson is over. Stand up, please. Turn back, and say goodbye to our guests. Goodbye, children!

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