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English is fun!

Theme: English is fun!
Grade: Primary school
• to improve their knowledge in English;
• to know a lot about English fairy tales;
• to develop pupils speaking skills;
• to give interesting information about English.
Type of the lesson: out of
Equipment’s: presentation, pictures, CD`s, videos

The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.
• Greetings:
The first speaker: Good day teachers!
The second speaker: Good day, pupils!
Speakers: Good day, everyone!
The first speaker: We are all glad and very gay
We all dance, and sing, and say
The second speaker: Welcome! Welcome to our holiday!
Happy English, my friends!
The first speaker: Today’s our holiday is called “English is Fun!”
The second speaker: Let’s start our holiday!

II. Main part.

The first speaker: Let’s call our young English friends!
The second speaker: Ok. Come to the center, friends!
• Poems

This is a pig!
It’s very big!
Its color pink
Is nice, I think!

My cat
I love my cat.
It is warm and fat.
My cat is grey.
It likes to play.

I have a little turtle…
I have a little turtle,
He lives in a box.
He swims in the water
And he climbs on the rocks.

Look up there,
And you will see
The monkeys swinging
From the tree.
I like the way
They jump and flee.
Now, do they want
Some nuts from me?

Cock, fox, cat and wolf.
Cock is happy,
Fox is sad.
Cat is pretty,
Wolf is bad.

A little mouse
From a window in my house,
I could see a little mouse.
Was she running? Was she jumping?
Was she laughing, what about?

The first speaker: Clap to our friends, guys!
The second speaker: Sing, sing, what shall I sing?
The cat's run away with the pudding string!
The first speaker: Sing a song. “Old MacDonald had a farm”

The second speaker: Thank you very much, my dear friend!
The first speaker: We come to the best time of our holiday.
The second speaker: Story time: “Elephant’s child”

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