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Fun in the jungle

Theme: Fun in the jungle
Grade: 2
The aims:
- To form pupils; speaking, listening, reading and understanding skills in English;
- To revise grammar materials possessive case and use it in the speech;
- To enrich pupils; active vocabulary by learning new words on the theme “Fun in the jungle”;
- To bring up the feeling of love towards animals, birds and nature.
Methods of the lesson: listening, speaking, reading, writing, acting, CRT

Aids of the lesson: pictures of animals, cards with pictures, CD, active board

The form of the lesson: Work in groups, in pairs, working on the active board

I. Organization moment:
Hello everybody! How are you today?

Before beginning our lesson I want drill your speech and divide you into groups. Come to the board and make a circle. You must choose the letters.
(On the board will be hung letters. They have to reorder the letters and make a word “JUNGLE” AND “FOREST”). The 1st group will be JUNGLE. The 2nd group will be FOREST.

II. Previous learning
Teacher: Let’s review our previous lesson. I’ll give you some cards with pictures and you should answer it using haven’t got / hasn’t got.

III. The main part of the lesson
Teacher: Imagine you are in a jungle. What can you see? What is in the jungle? What animals do live in the jungle?
Spider, snake, monkey, tiger, frog, crocodile
Let’s describe these animals.
a) Listening
“The old box” P16
Teacher: Today we can hear a story about two people in a jungle. They want to find an old city.
“Act out the story”
Children read it aloud in pairs and act it out.
b) Possessive ‘s – first, I introduce using of the possessive ‘s by playing a game. I collect a few things from different children and drop the things into a bag and then pull one out. I’ll ask Whose is this?
Whose pen is this? Whose bag is this?
Pupils answer: - It’s Didar’s pen.
It’s Abylai’s bag.
Let’s do more exercises.
Exercise 4 p15.

IV. Warm – up
Sing a song “Animals”
I love animals
The can walk and fly
I love animals
They can swim and crawl
I love animals
Colourful and wonderful
Animals, Animals, Animals
Monkeys are mammals
Sharks are fishes
Snakes are reptiles
Chikens are birds
Frogs are amfibians
Bees are insects

V. Project work
Teacher: I called this project work “A magic animal”. Because in this work you should draw a picture of animal using your own fantasy.

VI. Conclusion
“Guess the riddles” – Teacher: I will describe the animals and you should guess it.
It looks like a big cat. It has got stripes and a long tail. It lives in India and it can run very fast.
It is green and big, it lives in the water and likes meat.
I am brown. I can walk, run, jump, climb. I can not fly. I live in Africa. I like bananas What am I?
I’m big. I’m grey.
My nose is long
My tail is short
I’m an….

VII. Evaluating
It is high time to finish our lesson. Today you were very attentive, active, clever and artistic. Thank you very much.
Assessment card
Task I Task II Task III Task IV Task V

VIII. Homework
Writing about “domestic animals”.
The lesson is over. Goodbye!
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