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“The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы

“The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы
- Good afternoon dear guests, teachers and students. Welcome to our intellectual show “ Leader of the XXI century”!
- Қайырлы күн құрметті ұстаздар оқушылар! 21 ғасыр көшбасшысы атты интеллектуалды ойынымызға қош келдіңіздер!
Well, we begin our game and I am glad to introduce the participants of our intellectual show.
We are glad to see all of you and hope you will enjoy our game. Before our competition let’s invite our judges. They will give you marks for the competition. Our jury consists of the following teachers -----------------------
Бүгінгі сайысымыз “Тапқыр болсаң озып көр” деп аталады. Сайысымызды бастамас бұрын әділ - қазылар алқасын сайлап алайық. Оларды өз орындарына жайғасуды сұраймыз.
Our competitions consists four of parts:
1. Baiga - Бәйге
2. Do you know that? - не білесің?
3. Polyglot – Полиглот
4. “Grammar” – грамматика
The first level is called “BAIGA”
You should answer 16 questions. The first who raises the sign is going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points. So we begin.

The 1st student
1. Who wrote “sea wolf”?(Jack London)
2. Which is the most popular British sport?(football)
3. When did the Great Fire of London take place?(in 1666)
4. What kinds of hard fruit grow well in many parts of Britain?(Apples and pears)
5. What ocean separates Europe from the states?(the Atlantic Ocean)
6. The 1st capital of our Republic (Kyzylorda)
7. The President of the USA.(Barak Obama)
8. The area of the UK is…?(244100sq km)

The 2nd student
1. How many letters are there in English alphabet?(26)
2. What is the national flag of the USA called? (The Stars and Stripes)
3. Who was the first woman Prime Minister in Britain?(M. Thatcher)
4. What is the name given to the official residence of the President of the USA in Washington?(The White House)
5.“Іздеу”сөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы(Look for)
6. What kind of music first developed in New Orleans?(Jazz)
7.“clean”сөзінің антонимі(dirty)
8. What is the day of National Independence in the USA?(July 4)

The 3rd student
1. Which is the largest state in the USA?(Alaska)
2. What animal is a symbol of the Us government?(the bald eagle)
3. What is the nickname of the US government?(uncle Sam)
4. What are the aboriginal people of New Zealand called?(Maoris)
5. What type of footwear suggests the capital of New Zealand?(Wellingtons)
6. What is the biggest industrial and cultural centre and the main seaport of Ireland?(Its capital Dublin)
7. What color is the flag of Kazakhstan?(light blue)
8. National language of our republic (Kazakh)

The 4th student
1. What is the traditional food for thanksgiving day?(Turkey)
2. When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?(4th July)
3. Who gave his name to America?(Amerigo Vespucci)
4. In which US city in the last Winter Olympic Games took place?(Salt Lake City)
5. What is New York?(The largest city in the USA)
6. Who built the first car?(H. Ford)
7. How long is Broadway?(21km)
8. Which university is the oldest in the USA?(Harvard)

The 5th student
1. Where is Disneyland?(in California)
2. What is the symbol of the Republican Party? (The Elephant)
3. Which place is the centre of the American film industry?(Hollywood)
4. Who is the head of the state and government?(The President)
5. Who was the 1st US President?(G. Washington)
6. What is the tallest building in Washington?(The Capitol)
7. What is America’s national sport?(Baseball)
8. How many theatres are there on Broadway? (30)

The 6th student
1. Who played the part of Rambo?(S. Stallone)
2. How many main political parties are there in the US?(2)
3. Who was the founder of Disneyland?(W. Disneyland)
4. Where is Hawaii?(in the Pacific Ocean)
5. Is Washington D. C. a state?(No)
6. What is the other name for Alaska?(Great Land)
7. How many states does the USA consist of? (50)
8. Who arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620?(The Piligrims)
III. Do you know that?
Choose the country and the scores on the whiteboard.

Ақтөбе облысы, Әйтеке би ауданы,
Жабасақ ауылы ағылшын тілі мұғалімі
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The leader of the XXI Century – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы. жүктеу
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