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CLASS: 5 «А»
Lesson title: Professions
Unit 4: The world of work
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to (link to the Subject programme)
5. S4 respond with limited flexibility at sentence level to unexpected comments on an increasing range of general and curricular topics
5. R7 recognise typical features at word, sentence and text level in a limited range of written genres
5. W9 punctuate written work at text level on a limited range of familiar general with some accuracy and curricular
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to understand and use the new words in the sentences.
Most learners will be able to respond the flexibility sentences to the unexpected comments
Some learners will be able to punctuate written work according to the text
Criteria: Learners can:
- respond with limited flexibility at sentence
- recognise typical features at word, sentence
Values links: A secular society with high spirituality
Cross - curricular links: Kazakh, Russian, Self study
Previous learning: Names of formal and informal professions.

Start 5 min
Org. moment
- Greeting.
- Dividing into 2 groups by teacher and doctor

Brain storm.
Look at the picture and name the profession.
Listening to audio resource to lead – in the theme.
1) Who is he? - He is a driver.
2) Who is he? - He is a policeman.
3) Who is he? - He is a musician
4) Who is he? – He is a firefighter
5) Who is she? – She is a hairdresser
6) Who is he? – He is a singer

Task 1. Fixing of knowledge.
Let’s guess the riddles.
1. Who helps children to learn?
2. Who works in hospitals?
3. Who sings different songs?
4. Who treats our teeth?
5. Who drivers cars, buses?
6. Who builds big buildings?

Answer: A teacher, a doctor, a musician,
a dentist, a driver, a builder

1. Learners must find correct answers
2. Spell the words accurately.
Watch the video about professions.

Task 2. Work in pairs. “ What do you want to be?”
1. Make a dialogue.
2. Ask and answer the question correctly.
3. Uses the necessary words.

Task 3. Make the sentences. Use the correct form of to be.

 Descriptor:
 1. Complete the sentences.
 2. Use the words correctly.

Task 4. Read and translate the text.
First group
I want to become a doctor. I like this profession and I am eager to get a medical education and work at a hospital. It is a good tradition in our family. My mother is a doctor, my grandfather is a doctor and I want to be a doctor, too. When I was a little boy my grandfather worked at a hospital and I spend some time at the hospital with him. He is a surgeon and works in a surgical department. Day by day he takes care of his hospital patients, he treats them well. He is very attentive.

Second group.
When we first come to school, a teacher meets us and says: “ I am going to teach you how to write, to read and to count. “ No matter how many teachers we have after that, we remember our first teacher’s name for the rest of our lives. Teachers are with us during all our life. We always remember what they say and how they act.
I’d like to say some words about my favourite teacher. She was the first who introduced us letters and numerals reading and writing.

1. Read the text correctly.
2. Translate the text correctly.

Task 5. Work with group.

 1. Find professions and write down.
 2. Spell the words correctly.
 3. Protecting posters.

School: Secondary school named by Dauan
Teacher name: Утаралиева Ш.

Professions. жүктеу
Professions. жүктеу
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