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British and Kazakh traditions and holidays

07 қаңтар 2013, Дүйсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Жамбыл облысы, Шу қаласы
Жамбыл атындағы гимназия мектебі
Карпекова Гульнара Аскаровна

Theme: «British and Kazakh traditions and holidays"

Aims: 1.To teach students to appreciate culture of other countries
2. To arouse students' interest in Great Britain, and to widen their scope.
3. To educate the feelings of international friendship and love to our Motherland-Kazakhstan.
Visual aids: maps, flags, national symbols, newspapers, posters, interactive board

Procedure of the lesson:
Teacher: Dear guests and students!
I'm very glad to see you at our game-lesson, which will be held in the form of competition between our two teams: the team of the girls, it is called - "Kazakhstan"; the second team is -"Great Britain». I’m sure you will demonstrate what you know about these two great states: Kazakhstan and Great Britain.

I round "Greetings"
1) The girls’ team- "Kazakhstan"
SI, S2, S3, S4, S5
My name is...
I am from...
I like...
I want to win...
If I win…
2) The boys’ team- "Great Britain".
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5
Teacher: Now, you must tell us about your country (national flags, places of interest, traditions and customs.)

II round "My Country"
The team "Kazakhstan"

S1: Kazakhstan
Oh, Kazakhstan, I'm in love with you
Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great
Not in the green fields full of wheat,
And forests, gardens free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land,
Your hills and rivers, lakes and seas,
Which give me always much delight!

S2: Kazakhstan is our Motherland. It is the largest state in the Central Asia. Kazakhstan has its own national flag and anthem and national traditions and holidays.The national flag of Kazakhstan is blue. Blue colour of Kazakhstan flag expresses peace and calm, the cloudless sky, the symbol of peace. According to the heraldry the blue colour corresponds to such human qualities as honesty hope and faithfulness. In the centre of the flag there is the gold sun, the symbol of the life, the source of energy. Rays have the form of grain, the symbol of independence, freedom and state power. The yellow ornament "Koshkar mujiz" is the symbol of the Kazakh art.
In Kazakhstan live over 100 nationalities. They live in friendship and peace. Kazakh people are friendly, kind, hospitable, sociable.

S3: Kazakhstan’s holidays are New Year's Day, Women Day, Nauruz, Constitution Day, Republic's Day, Independence Day. Nauryz is one of the traditional holiday in Kazakhstan. We celebrate Nauryz on the 22nd of March. It means a new day, a new year. It is a holiday of spring and renovation. A lot of yurtas are erected everywhere. During Nauryz Meiramy Kazakhs wear fine, good clothes, clean houses, yards, streets, plant trees, invite each other to be respectable guest and congratulate each other.

S4: The main traditional meal of the holiday is Nauryz Kozhe. It is made of 7 components: meat, water, salt, airan, wheat, rice, onion.
Kazakh people have many interesting traditions like "Besikke salu"- when baby is born in the family, it is a great holiday. Relatives, friends are invited and the family celebrate this event. "Torkindeu"- when a bride marries, after a definite period of time she visits her parents with her husband. Parents are happy to see them and give them different presents. Shildekhana is one of the main traditions of Kazakhs.

S5: “Baiterek " - the main symbol of Astana. The monument represents a presentation of the Kazakh people of the universe.
“Khan-Shatyr” -the large tent in the world was built in Astana, Kazakhstan. Khan-Shatyr is trade-entertainment center.
“Borovoye”- state national nature Park.
This recreational pearl of Kazakhstan is located in a fantastic mountainous area, filled with mystical wonders.

The team “Great Britain”
My heart's in the Highlands.
My heart is not here
My heart's in the Highlands A-chasing the deer
A-chasing the wild deer and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.
Farewell to the Highlands Farewell to the North,
The birthplace of valour, the country of worth
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands forever I love.

The Union Jack is the popular name given to the flag of Great Britain. "Jack" is an old word for the sailor. The Union Jack is a mixture of several flags. It all began in 1606 when Scotland was joined to England and Wales. The Scottish flag, blue with a white cross from corner to corner, was joined to the English flag, white with a red cross. Later, in 1801, when Ireland was joined to the Union, the Irish Flag was added, white with a red cross from corner to corner. In this way the English people got the Union Flag which is red, white and blue.
S3: Traditions and holidays.
• Great Britain is rich in world-famous places.
• Hide Park is the London’s largest and most fashionable park. It was once a royal hunting forest.
• Number 10, Downing Street has been the home of the British Prime Minister since 1735.
• The official name of the Houses of Parliament is the Palace of Westminster.
• At the north end of the building, by Westminster Bridge, there is the famous clock tower, Big Ben. In fact Big Ben is really the name of the bell in the tower, not of the clock.
• The Tower of London is the London’s oldest building. Since William the Conqueror built it in the 11th century, this castle has been a Royal palace, a prison, a place of execution, a zoo, the Royal Mint, and an observatory. Today it’s a museum.
• One of the beautiful things in London is Madame Tussaud`s museum.It represents wax figures of the famous and infamous people of the past and present

• St. Paul’s Cathedral is the largest and the most magnificent church of the city
• Trafalgar Square is very famous.
• Piccadilly Circus is one of London`s busiest road-junctions
• One of London's most popular historical buildings is Buckingham Palace, it is the Royal residence.
• Buckingham Palace is not only the Royal residence: it's a small city under one roof. It has a cinema, a post-office, some cafes and a restaurant, a hospital and even a night club. More than 700 people work here every day.
• Traditional five o’ clock tea is still held in the Buckingham Palace, as in countless English homes.

S5: Holidays
• There are fewer public holidays in Great Britain than in other European countries. They are: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holidays and Summer Bank Holidays. The most popular holiday is Christmas.

Teacher: Now, our 2nd round - “Who is the fastest?

1. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan? (An eagle)
2. What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)
3. Where is London situated? (On the bank of the river Thames)
4. A dwelling where Kazakhs live in ancient time? (Yurta)
5. In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated? (In March)
6. Who built the Tower of London? (William the Conqueror)
7. What is Big Ben? (o'clock)
8. Where does the Queen of England live in? (In Buckingham Palace)
9. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14 regions).
10. When do we celebrate the Independence Day? (On the 16th of December).
11. Who is the head of Kazakhstan? (President N.Nazarbaev).
12. What kind of state is Kazakhstan? (Democratic republic).
13. What is the state language in the UK? (English).
14. What river is Astana situated on? (The Ishym).
15. What kind of state is the UK? (a constitution monarchy).
16. Who was Robert Burns? (Scottish poet)
17. What is Piccadilly Circus? (London`s busiest road)
18. Where does British Prime Minister live?( Number 10, Downing Street)
19. What river does London stand on?(the Thames)
20. Where was William Shakespeare born?(Stratford upon Avon)

Teacher: Our third round- “Polyglot
(Answers should be given in 3 languages.)
1. Every country has its ...( custom, салт, обычай )
2. Never play with ...( fire, от, огонь )
3. Never put off till ..., what you can do today. (tomorrow, epтeн, завтра)
4. Better late, than... (пеvег, ешкашанда, никогда)
5. ... before pleasure ( business, ic-шаруа, дело)
6. First think, then...( speak, айту, говорить)
7. It is never too late to...(learn, оку, учиться)
8. So many countries, so many ... (customs, дэстур, традиции)
9. East or West , is best. (home, уй, дом)
10. Speech is silver but silence is ... (gold, алтын, and золото)
11. Knowledge is ... (power, куат, сила)
12. There is no place like... (Home, уй, дом)
13. In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated? (March, Наурыз, Март)

Teacher: Our third round- “Relaxation
Let's listen to the songs «Clementine», «Көзімнің қарасы".
Let's sing a song «Bright blue the sky»all together.

Teacher: Dear students! Dear Guests! Our game is over.
(The teacher announces the results of the competition and names the winner-team).
Thanks a lot to our participants for their active participation. Also thanks to our jury and our guests.
I wish you success and luck. See you soon!
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