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I want to visit Washington DC

03 қазан 2018, Сәрсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The plan of the lesson
Grade: 6
The theme of the lesson: I want to visit Washington DC
Educational: Оқушыларға ‘I want to visit Washington DC тақырыбын түсіндіру, жаңа сөздермен таныстыру.
‘Past Simple and Past Participle’ грамматикалық тақырыбын түсіндіру. Жаттығу жұмыстарын орындау.
Developing: Оқушылардың жаттығулар арқылы жазу, есту, тыңдау дағдыларын дамыту. Сөздік қорын, білімін кеңейту.
Bringing - up: Оқушыларды мәдениетті
қарым - қатынас жасауға, бірін - бірі сыйлауға үйрету.
Type of the lesson: new lesson
Methods of the lesson: explanation, speaking, demonstration, practical exercises.
Visual aids: pictures, tables, cards.

Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment.
Classroom expressions:
- Good morning, pupils!
- How are you?
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent?

III. Checking up the home task.
What was your home work? Ex _____ p _____.
New lesson
Ex 1. Read the text about these four people. They are talking about their holidays (where to spend it). Whose plan do you like?
Ex 2. Write out the sentences in the Present Perfect Tense from the texts.
a) in the affermative (болымды)
b) in the garden (болымсыз)
I’ve (=I have) been to France
She/ he’s (=she/he has) been to England
Ex 3. Read the text again and fill in the chart about the four people.
Ex 4. Talk to your partner
Omar has visited…/ Omar has never been…
Ex 5. Write the Past Simple and Past Perticiple forms of verbs.
B) Write the verbs in the box under the right column.
Come arrive leave stay live
C) write about the namesof the countries from the text (ex 1)
D) Answer the questions with your partner.
Where is Washington D. C?
Where is Kazakhstan?
What is D. C?
Is Washington in the District of Columbia?
Ex 6. Tell your partner about the four people’s plans and about your plan.
Ex 7. Write my plan…
I want to visit …
I have never been …
Home task. To learn by heart the new words. Ex ____ p _____
I want to visit Washington DC. жүктеу
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