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My grandma’s hobby

LESSON: My grandma’s hobby
4 класс
Learning objectives(s)
that this lesson is
contributing to
Lesson objectives All learners will be able to:
Use the past form of the verb
Most learners will be able to:
To use the new vocabulary
Some learners will be able to:
Learn by heart the irregular verbs
Language objectives: Leaners can:
do the tasks on listening, reading, grammar, lexical
Key words and phrases:
Hobby, regular and irregular verbs
Useful classroom language for dialogue/writing:
My grandma’s hobby
Previous learning: Learners can speak about health problems in general, express their own opinions
Timings Planned activities (replace the notes below with your planned activities)
T: Good morning students! Glad to see you. I’m sure everybody is all right. How did you spend your holiday? OK, good. Children, please tell me, do your parents have any hobbies? What do they like doing in their free time? OK, thank you. So, today the topic of our lesson is My grandma’s hobby. And also we’ll practice past form of verbs.
Now let’s play game, we need to make two groups. One of the first groups says the regular verb in Present and the second group should say the past form of the verb…
Good, open your books, p27. ex1. listen and repeat long e: e, ee, ea.
Now pay attention to the ex. 2. Read.
Ex3. read and choose the words with a long e sound.
Ex. 4. look at the pictures and answer the question. Then listen and read. Grammar: Irregular verbs.
Ex5 choose true or false.
Ex6. Put the verbs in the correct form.
My grandma’s hobby. жүктеу
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