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Healthy habits

Unit: Healthy habits
Class: 7
Number of present: Absent:
Lesson title: Health problems
Learning objectives: 7. S7 use appropriate subject - specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a growing range of general topics, and some curricular topics
7. W5 develop with some support coherent arguments supported when necessary by examples and reasons for a limited range of written genres in familiar general and curricular topics
Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to
- Recognize some details on Topic Health Problem with support
- Make up sentences using should/shouldn’t and pictures related to healthy and unhealthy habits;
Most learners will be able to
- Understand the details, of an arguments topic with some support
- Make up sentences with pictures related to healthy and unhealthy habits using should/shouldn’t;
- Some learners are able to
- Speak about detail on topic Bad habits without support
- Solve situational problems using topical vocabulary.
Assessment criteria Recognize particular information and details about healthy and unhealthy habits.
Values links: Mangilik Yel’’ “3rd
A secular society with high spirituality
Cross - curricular links: PE & Biology
Previous Learning: Name of sports and healthy food
Greeting: Teacher greets the learners; learners respond to greeting of the teacher and take their places.

Group Division: Students are divided into two groups by using strategy “Flash cards”
The first group: Healthy habits
The second group: Unhealthy habits
Teacher: What do you think? What is today’s theme? Learners give their own ideas.
Teacher introduces pupils with the theme, Lesson objectives and Assessment criteria.

Task. I Warm up.
Teacher asks the questions which are associated with keeping fit (Convergent questions)
Do you know if you are really healthy?
To help you to learn if it is so, answer this questionnaire
Tick “Yes” or “No”
1. Do you begin your day with morning exercises, do it regularly and with a great pleasure?
2. Do you spend a lot of time out of doors every day?
3. Do you refuse from bad habits (smoking, drinking, snacking between meals or eating after 6 p. m.)?
4. Do you limit your time you spend in front of the television and the computer?
5. Are you sporty? Do you go in for sport or join a sports club?
6. Do you keep to a healthy balanced diet?
7. Do you have a hobby?
Count your points. One point for each answer “Yes”.
7 points: You are quite healthy.
3 – 6 points: Not bad, but be attentive to your health.
0 – 2 points: Oh, dear! Change your lifestyle. You should think about your future!

School №74
Teacher’s name: Омарова Жанна Жандарбековна
Healthy habits. жүктеу
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