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Magic of languages

Theme: Magic of languages
Тіл сиқыры
Connection of the subjects: English – Russian – Kazakh
The aims: 1. To check pupils’ knowledge from English, Kazakh and Russian through playing games, doing different tasks
2. To develop pupils’ reading, speaking and thinking abilities and inlarge their vocabulary.
3. To bring up the pupils the lovers of language of English and teach to be attentive and curiosity

The leader: Good morning dear pupils, teachers!
Welcome to our intellectual show. I am glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy today’s game. Our language is connected with our thought and sense. All languages developed under influence of economic, political and geographical conditions.
Dear guests, teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition "Magic of LANGUAGE”! The pupils of 8th forms take part in this game.
Well, we begin our game and let’s meet our participants.

Let me introduce you with our players. The first team is called "The light star”. The captain of the team is ______________.
The second team is called is "The golden moon”. The captain of the second team is _____________.

Phonetic drill:
Repeat after me:
One, one, one
Little dogs run
Two, two, two
Cats see you
Three, three, three
Birds are in the tree
Four, four, four
Rats on the floor.

I. Now we begin our 1st level “Missing letters”
Are you ready?

Complete the words with the missing letters.
Elep…ant (h)
Rab…it (b)
Hor…e (s)
Scho…l (o)
comp…ter (u)
Televi…ion (s)
be…utiful (a)

II. Let’s begin the 2nd level “Antonyms”
Give the antonyms of the next words
long - short
good - bad
new - old
big - small
tall - short
clean - dirty
clever - stupid
white - black

III. The next level: Say “C. or U.? ”
Countable and uncountable nouns.
cars, water, air, bottles, apples, bread, tea, dollars, tenge, sugar, salt, egg, toys, milk, book, pen, money, dog, hair, rain, snow, girl.
Countable Uncountable
… …
IV. Now we begin next level "Baiga”
Are you ready?

1st team
1. Name the national flower emblem of England?(the rose)
2. How many parts are there in Great Britain? What are they?
(England, Scotland, Wales)
3. Who is the head of Great Britain? (Queen Elizabeth)
4. What is the oldest university of Great Britain? (Oxford)
5. How many letters are there in English alphabet? (26)
6."іздеу” сөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы? (look for)
7."clean” сөзінің антонимі? (dirty)
8. What is the capital of Wales? (Cardiff)

2nd team
1. Who was the first American President? (George Washington)
2. Which is the most popular British sport? (Football)
3. What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)
4. "қарау” сөзінің ағылшынша аудармасы? (look at)
5. "good” сөзінің антонимі? (bad)
6. How many letters are there in Russian alphabet? (32)
7. What is the official language of the USA? (English)
8. In which month is Thanksgiving Day celebrated? (November)

Now we continue our game.
V. The next level "Do you know?”
You must riddle and write the answer into English, Russian and Kazakh. In 3 languages – 15 point, in 2 languages – 10 point, in 1 language – 5 point.

Мұғалім: А. Т. Жунусова
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