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Geography and travelling. Review lesson

Geography and travelling. Review lesson.
The Lesson Plan
1. Date: 10. 12. 2012
2. Grade: 9th
3. The theme of the lesson: Unit III. Geography and travelling. Review lesson.
4. The aims of the lesson:
 Talking about the countries; getting new information; enlarging students’ vocabularies;
 Developing reading, writing, speaking, listening skills;
 Bringing up love and interest to the subject, respecting each other’s opinions.
1. The visual aids: cards with different questions, an interactive board, a blackboard.

The Procedure of the Lesson
1. Organization moment:
T: Good morning, students!
S: Good morning, teacher!
T: How are you?
S: Fine, thanks.
T: Who is on duty today?
S1: I am on duty today.
T: What day/date is it today?
S1: Today is the 10th of December.
T: Who is absent today?
2. Checking up the homework:
T: What was your homework?
S: To review all the steps of Unit III.
3. Warming - up:
T: Could you tell me what makes реоple spend time and money on travelling a sightseeing? What are the reasons for travelling?
T: I absolutely agree with you! Travelling broadens our mind. So let’s begin our journey.
4. The main part of the lesson:
T: Welcome to our lesson. Today we are going to speak about travelling and tourism. I doubt anyone can imagine modern life without travelling and holidays are a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and explore new places and countries.
Today we shall have a competition of 2 teams.
I - team: It’s very important to know the languages of the country you are going to visit. What languages are spoken in these countries?
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