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Animals around the world

04 мам 2019, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Grade: 4
Subject: English
Theme: Animals around the world
The aims: Pupils will be able to speak about animals, to develop pupils’ interest in learning the theme, to bring them up to love our country and to be an individual citizen of our country.
Outcomes: Will know about healthy and grammar materials Was/ were… When/ where.., will work with new words
Methods: Answer - question, speaking
Aids Dictionary, sticker, paper, internet materials.

I. Organization moment
1) Greeting
T: Good morning boys and girls.
T: How are you?
T: Very good! Thanks.
- Who is on duty today?
T: Who is absent today?
T: OK! What day is it today?
And what date is it today?

II. Checking - up home task.
- What was the home task for today? Let’s check up your home task

III. New lesson
Open your copybook and write down the date. Today is the fifth of April. The theme of our lesson “ Animals around the world ”. Let’s begin our lesson. Look at the blackboard on the new words. I read and your repeats after me and translate these words in Kazakh, then open your dictionary and write down new words.

New words
1) Pigeon - кептер
2) Giraffe - керік
3) Gymnastics - гимнастика
4) Cage - тор
5) Goose - қаз
6) Gorilla - горрила
7) Garlic - сарымсақ
8) Guinea pig - теңіз шошқасы
9) Giant - алып, гигант
10) Bamboo - бамбук
11) Lick - жалау
12) Dust - шаң
13) Roll – айналу
14) Cub - аңның баласы
- Who wants to read? You please, stand up!
- OK! Well - done, children!
IV. Practice
Exercise 1, 2, 3 on page 112
Listen, point and repeat
Listen and tick
Exercise 4 on page 113
1. This girl is too little. She will/ won’t wash herself.
2. Fire can be dangerous. I will/ won’t burn myself.
3. Be careful with the knife. You will/won’t cut yourself.
4. He’s an excellent gymnast. He will/ won’t hurt himself.
5. It is cold outside. She will/ won’t dress herself warm.
6. The kittens are too little. They will/won’t eat themselves.
7. Don’t wash the cat. It will/ won’t clean itself.

Exercise 6 on page 114
Listen and read. Answer the teacher’s questions
Panda bears are from china. They are giant black and white animals. They feed themselves with bamboo. Giant pandas clean themselves with dust. But mothers always lick their cubs, because they are little. Polar bears live around the north Pole. They clean themselves with snow. The bear feeds itself with meat. In summer it also will eat grass and berries, but it won’t eat fish.

V. Giving home work
Please write down your home task
Exercise 7, 8 on page 114 - 115
VI. Marks
Thank you very much for your work. You are marks …..
VIII. Conclusion.
The lesson is over. You are free. Good bye, pupils! See you soon!
Animals around the world жүктеу
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