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Fruits and Vegetables

Long - term plan unit: Unit 5 My Food
Theme of the lesson: Fruits and Vegetables.
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to
1. UE9 use basic present simple forms [positive and negative] to give basic personal information
1. S3 pronounce basic words and expressions intelligibly
1. S5 produce words in response to basic prompts
1. S1make basic personal statements and simple statements about objects

Beginning 10 - min
Get students ready to the class by greeting them, asking questions about their feelings.
Hello! How are you today?
“A round of happiness” say everybody “Hello!”
Sing a song: Hello! And dance.
Project time. Checking up homework. Pupils must show their picture and project it.
e. g I like apples. It; s red. It’s yummy!
Warming up.
- Do you like fruits?
- Do you like vegetables?
- What fruits/vegetables do you like?
- Why?
Watch the video. Fruits and Vegetables. (2 min)

Middle 23 - min
1. Teacher drills pronunciation of the words correctly. Once they repeat after the T, then they repeat individually.
Phonetic drill.
I like to eat, eat, eat,
Apple and bananas.
I like to eat, eat, eat,
Orange and grapes.
I like to eat, eat, eat,
I like to eat fruits.
2. Drill the sentences prompts I like \ I don’t like (Yucky and yummy)
Go back to the PPT and make up sentences together with students.
- Do you like….? Yes, I do. It’s yummy
- Do you like ….? No, I don’t. It is yucky!

3. Pair work. T will invite one L and model to the class the next activity.
Ls have cards with new words. They should ask their partner using these cards.
Do you like….? Yes, I do. It’s yummy. Do you like ….? No, I don’t. It is yucky! T will go around the class and listen their conversation.
4. Play a game “ What is it?”
Pupil sit in a hot chair. Teacher shows a picture of food and a student must guess it. What food is it?
5. Group work.
1 task: Guess and glue the pictures.. Fruits and Vegetables.
II - task: Match the pictures to the words and find the missing letters.
III - task: Colour the animals.
1. Apple is red.
2. Pear is green.
3. Lemon is yellow.
4. Banana is yellow.

6. Sing and dance.

7. Work with book.
PB p 72 find the stickers.
8. Play a game. «Жемістер бағына саяхат», «Garden of Fruits» — «Фруктовый Сад»
(Мақсаты: жемістерді атап шығу).
9. Find unscramble words.

School - gymnasium: №44
Teacher name: Rakhmatullina Zamzagul Zhanseitovna
Fruits and Vegetables. жүктеу
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