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My food

Long - term plan unit: Unit 5: My food
Theme of the lesson: Food
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to: 1. UE9 use basic present simple forms [positive and negative] to give basic personal information
1. S3 pronounce basic words and expressions intelligibly
1. S1make basic personal statements and simple statements about objects
Cross curricular links: Kazakh, Russian (naming things in Kazakh, Russian and English)
ICT skills: - By teacher, interactive board, song activities
Previous learning: Almaty ZOO – Practice the phrases: This is a camel, These are camels.
Revision of the words – colours, size, animals.

Beginning 5 - 7 min et students ready to the class by greeting them, speaking about weather, the date. – Today is the 23rd of February.
- What is the weather like today?...
Teacher put on some pictures on the board to show objectives and criteria, also teacher says what kind of rules learners should keep at the lesson. The class is divided into 2 groups with the help of pictures of food: apple and banana.
Warm up activity Listen to a song. Do you like broccoli, ice cream – super simple song.
- Show learners the food and make them guess what the pictures are. Encourage to name them in Kazakh /Russian(cheese, eggs, milk, juice, chicken, banana )

Tell the learners about what they are going to do today:
- So as you probably guessed we will learn today – food and drinks. You will learn 6 new words and how to say what you like and what you don’t like eating.

Activity 1. Listen and repeat. Learners watch video and repeat the new language after the author and point.
Ex. 1 p. 60 PB. Find, write, talk with your friend. Teacher drills pronunciation of the words correctly. Once they repeat after the teacher, then they repeat individually.

Activity 2. Drilling. Listening for general information Ex 3 p61 PB.
Play a game “What is missing?”
Teacher shows one example about the first letters then learners should guess themselves other food names according to the letter

Before playing, teacher divides the learners into 2 small groups and gives the capital letters of the food for each group. Teacher shows pictures of food on the board and students name them all.

Drill the sentences prompts I like \ I don’t like
Go back to the Pictures which every small group guessed and make up sentences together with students.
- Do you like….? Yes, I do. it’s yummy
- Do you like ….? No, I don’t. it is yucky!
Speaking (FA) Before starting the activity turn back to Los.

School: №14
Teacher name: Bukharbayeva D. T.
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