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The most interesting book

03 ақпан 2013, Жексенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Grade 6.

The theme: Unit 2 Step 3. The most interesting book.
The aims:
Educational: Describing a state of affairs.
Cалыстыру дағдысын қалыптастыра отырып, жүйелі сөйлеуді дамыту.
Hearing to read adjectives of quality.
Developing: To develop creativily doing exercises.
Bringing up: To get a new information.
The view of the lesson: Question and answer lesson.
Visual lesson: Placards and things: an interactive board, pictures. booklets, toys.
The procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment.
Greeting, checking the absentees, checking the preparation. Introducing the students with the aims.
II. Warming up.

III. Betty Bottle bought a bit of butter.
But she bought a bit of bitter butter.
Then she bought better butter.
But where’s the bit of bitter butter Betty Bottle bought?

IV. Checking up the homework: was to learn exercise 5.
To make examples

V. Introduction of the new material.
A). To discuss these questions in groups:
1st degree: Do you like shopping?
Are there any shops near your house?
2nd degree: Where do you usually go shopping?
Who often does shopping in your family?
3rd degree: Do you prefer small supermarkets? Why?
Reading the text: “Corner store and supermarkets”
Work with new words.
Grocery store ------------------employ
Corner store --------------------variety
Supermarket -------------------amount
Dying ---------------------------------miss
Neighbourhood --------------compete

The teacher reads the text.
Pupils read the text.
Find comparatives in the text.
Most, corner, stores, bigger, more modern, longer, greater, larger, lower, smaller, friendlier,, closer
Play game.
Find a missing word. The group divided in two teams.
1st team
far Less farthest beautiful
beautiful most taller tallest
ескі older oldest

2nd team
тез faster
difficult қиынырақ The most difficult
big биігірек The biggest
much more
hot hottest

Home task: to do exercise 6 p. 60.
Evaluation for the work at the lesson.
Saying good bye.
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