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My family

22 сәуір 2013, Дүйсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Form: 5 “A”
Theme: “My family”
The aims of the lesson:
1) To increase student’s skills in listening, oral speech and grammar
2) To develop pupil’s abilities in oral speech and reading.
3) To learn pupils to be attentive, to write correctly.
Methods: Revision lesson
Visual aids: interactive board, grammar poster, poster

Procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment
II. Phonetic drill
III. Checking up home task.
IV. Grammar material Possessive ‘s
V. Grammar practice
VI. Physical exercises
VII. Speaking.
VIII. Doing exercises (poster)
IX. Conclusion.

I. Organization moment
Good afternoon, children. Sit down please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What is weather like today?

II. Phonetic drill
This is mother, kind and dear.
This is father, standing near.
This is brother, see how tall.
This is sister, not so tall.
This is baby, sweet and small.
These are the family one and all!

1) Listen to
2) Repeat
3) Read
4) Write down

III. Checking up home task.
Ok, let’s check your home work. And what was your home work for today?
Describing your family.

IV. Grammar Possessive ‘s
When we want to show that something belongs to somebody or something, we usually add 's to a singular noun and an apostrophe ' to a plural noun, for example:
the boy's ball (one boy)
the boys' ball (two or more boys)

Notice that the number of balls does not matter. The structure is influenced by the possessor and not the possessed.
one ball
more than one ball
one boy
the boy's ball
the boy's balls
more than one boy
the boys' ball
the boys' balls

V. Grammar practice.
Let’s do some exercises. Let’s listen to the dialogue. Ex. 2 p. 26.
And now let’s do ex 3. p26. Let’s do comprehension.

VI. Physical exercises
Now, children are you tired? I see you are tired let’s do somephysical exercises

VII Speaking
a) Ok, children write the names of some people in your family in these papers
They are may be, Asem, Marat, Gabit.
b) Show the names to the classmates.
c) Ask and answer.
Who is Asem? She is my brother.

VIII. Doing exercises (poster)
Boys and girls look at the poster. You see the family tree. It is Gloom’s family tree.
Can you say who is who? For example: Mandy is Gordon’s granddaughter.
How do you think who is Vincent? Vincent is Gordon’s son.

IX. Conclusion.
a) Marks
b) Home task.
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Educational aim: Introduction of the grammar material: there is. Vocabulary: attic, bedroom, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden. Make up word combinations and sentences with the new words: to educate their oral speech by doing exercises:
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I’m Colin’s sister
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