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Museums in Kazakhstan

Form 8
Theme: Museums in Kazakhstan
Objectives: SWBAT use Present Perfect Continuous Tense, make a presentation and talk about the Museums of Kazakhstan.
Type of lesson: new
Materials: textbook, cards, interactive board
Educational: to explain the usage of the Present Perfect Continuous Tense and have some information about the Museums of Kazakhstan
Developing: to develop memory, attention, reading, speaking, pronunciation, give oral presentation

1. Organization moment.
a) greeting b) checking up the attendance
T: Today our lesson is devoted to the Museums of KZ. But first we are going to learn the Present Perfect Continuous Tense. We'll do a lot of work at the lesson. I want you to speak English a lot and learn as much as possible from this lesson.
2. Presentation of grammar
We use the Present Perfect Continuous for:
• actions and situations that started in the past and still continue at the moment of speaking.
өткен шақта басталған оқиғаның, іс - әрекеттің әлі де жалғасып жатқандығып білдіреді.
• temporary actions and situations in the recent past.
өткен шақта басталған оқиғаның сөйлеу алдында ғана біткендігін көрсетеді.

+ S+ have/has+ been + V+ing
? Have /Has +S + been + V+ing
? Wh + have/has + S + been +V+ing

Short answers
Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.
Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.
- S + have/has not + been + V+ing
Time expressions:
for an hour (бір сағат бойы)
for a long time (ұзақ уақыт бойы)
since yesterday (кешеден бері)
since 5 o'clock (сағат 5 тен бастап)
just ( жаңа ғана)
recently (жақында )
lately ( жуырда)
all day (күні бойы)
all morning (таңертеңгілік уақыт бойы)
? How long … ( Қанша уақыттан бері...)
? Since when … ( Қашаннан бастап... )

3. Grammar Practice
T: We’ve had some information about the Present Perfect Continuous. Now let’s practise.
Ex. 1. Read and translate
1) I have been reading this text for 20 minutes.
2) He has been living in Aktobe for 21 years.
3) They have been learning English since the 5th form.
4) How long has Erlan been living in Astana?
5) Since when has he been working at the museum?

Ex. 2. Write the sentences in the Present Perfect Continuous using these phrases:
clean the kitchen, play football, make a chocolate cake, go to National Gallery, watch TV.

Ex. 3. Complete these sentences
1) My friend is learning German. He … … … (learn) for 5 weeks.
2) It’s raining. It … … … (rain) since morning.
3) My friend is watching TV. She … … … (watch) TV for an hour.
4) How long … you … … (wait) for your mum?
5) This crossword is difficult. I … … … (do) it for 40 minutes.
6) I love tennis. I … … … (play) tennis since I was 10.

4. Presentation of Museums Kazakhstan.
1. The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2. The A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts
3. The State Museum of National Musical Instruments
4. The State Book Museum
5. Almaty regional museum of historic - regional studies named after M. Tynyshpaev
6. The Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5. Conclusion & Evaluation
T: So we have just visited the Museums of Kazakhstan. I hope the topic was interesting for you. You were very active, attentive and bright. You’ll have the following marks …
6. Giving the homework & Ending the lesson
T: Write down your homework! Ex. 2 p. 88. The lesson is over. See you later.
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