Ұлы Абайға 165 жыл

Ұлы Абайға 165 жыл
«Абай мен Әйгерім» – Ағылшын тілінде қойылым
Қойылымға қажетті ұйымдастыру шаралары.
1.Көріністерге қажетті ғасырдағы қазақ қауымына сән киімдер кию.
2.Абай және Шәкәрім тұралы сабактар өткізу ( Қосымша 1 ,2 )
3.Ұлылар мекені Абайдың Жидебайдағы, М. Әуезовтын Бөрлідегі мұражайларына экскурсия жасау. ( Қосымша 3)

4.Ұлы Абайға арнап газет шығару.
5.Киіз үй даярлау.
6.Абай, Ербол,Шүкіман, Бекей, және әйелі рөлдерін даярлау.
Білімділік мақсат:
1. М. Әуезовтын Абай жолы арасындағы әнгіме диалогтарды эмоциялыағылшын тіліне тән ырғақпен айту.
2.Абайдың, «Көзімнің қарасы» мен « Желсіз түнде жарық ай»әндерін жатқа білу.
3.Абай өлеңдерінің аудармасын ағылшын тілінде жатқа білу арқылы күнделікті кездесе бермейтін сөздік қорларымен молайту.
Тәрбиелік мақсат:
1.Абай мен Ербол Бекейдің үйіне келгенде қазақтың қонақжай халық екенін ұқтыру.
2.Абай мен Әйгерімнің алғашкы кездесуінде қызбен жігіттің ашық сойлеспей тек қана өз ойларын көз аркылыбілдіруі. Инабатттылыққа, кішіпейілдікке, халықтық тәрбие беруге баулу.

Қойылым барысы:
-Good day, dear guests and students, today we want to represent you the extract from the play “ Abai and Aigerim”. You know that this year we celebrate the 165-th anniversary of great Abai. His 150-th anniversary was celebrated in the field of UNESCO's cultural development program. Now please enjoy our play:

( Erbol and Abai entering the yurt)
Erbol and Abai- Salem aleykum!
Bekei- you're welcome, djiguits! We'll share what we have with you.
Erbol- ( whispers to Abai)

-you must have heard about the two brothers of Baishora who live near the orda - Bekei and Shekei? -This is Bekei who lives here.
Bekei-Don't waste the kizyak.There's very little dry fuel. Is there
enough water for the pot? I'll take the boy with me and we'll see about a lamb.
Bekei-Where is Shukiman? She should help you.
Wife – What's for?She's in the other yurta with her brother-in-law.
I'll manage!Let them have some fun.
Bekei – Put this meat in to the pot, let there be plenty.
Wife- Isn't it too much- Won't this be enough?
Bekei- Let's have more of it. We haven't fed the brother-in-law and his friends. Shukiman has already hinted that they could do with it.
They are not many of her age. Let them have supper with us.
( At this time Erbol was sleeping)

Abai - Get up, Erbol!
Erbol – What's the matter with you Abai?
Abai – Come follow me!
Abai – Togzhan! My God,that was Togzhan! That's her voice,her singing,that's her! How can it be, Erbol? Where am I?
That's Togzhan,I tell you. She's calling me from that yurta!
Erbol – Hold on, Abai, what's the matter with you? Shall we jump heard into the fire? Pull yourself together!
Abai – Let me be Togzhan into that yurta! It is she! It must! I want to make sure! Or will you go and find out?
Erbol – Very well, only be patient. I'll go alone. ( Erbol gets out)
Abai – Quickly then! Take a look, a look and come back. I'm sure it's Togzhan...
( Erbol returns)

Erbol – My God! It wasn't a dream after all; it's she and none other.
Abai – Is it true? Can it really be Togzhan? Of course! I knew it all along!
Erbol – Just a minute, it' a not Togzhan at all.
Abai – What are you talking about?
Erbol – It's not Togzhan. It must be her double. My God, very image of Togzhan and just as young, as she hasn't changed at all. I came in and there was this girl- second Togzhan!

Abai – What do you mean? Is it a miracle? Who sang that song?
Erbol – I don't know. I didn't ask – I didn't know what to say, I was struck speechless when I saw her.
Erbol – That's it I didn't ask because it was enough to look after her face.
Abai – Here they are, they are going to Bekei for supper.
( Shukiman enters the yurta)
Bekei – Will you help your mother, Shukiman my dear? Give the towel to the guests and lay the cloth.
Bekei – Enjoy yourselves, my children you were singing in that other yurta, why don't you sing here.
Abai – Yes, why should we interrupt your singing? We've just heard beautiful song. Don't mind us, please!
Aigerim – Do we alone sing songs! You've heard and seen more than we - and so you must know more songs, it's the quests who must pay the first penalty, you know!

Abai- Well I , if I must pay, I'll pay with a song , a poor one perhaps, but still a song. (I of my eyes I beg
Give ear to this I say
For love thee, dear heart
I slowly waste away
The wisest of the wise
Will hasten to agree
That not another man
Can be compared to thee )
Abai- Debts have to be paid Erbol and I heard someone singing in the next yurta. The song is still with us! There's no need to ask who was singing. Please sing it again.
Aigerim- That was my aunt singing. She is still here, shall we call her?
Abai- But that's not true we know , it was you who was singing.
Aigerim- In the silent luminous night

In the water moon beef quiver
in the gully beyond the aul
Tumultuous roars the river
Abai- What a song! No one else could have sung like that.
Erbol-Thank you...Thank you...
Erbol- She's real “ korim...”
“Ai korim” , hay the real “korim”
Abai-What did you say? Do you know what I think, Erbol?
Shukiman is such an ugly name and doesn't suit her at all. Let's give her of our own. You've just found the name :we'll call her Aikorim... Or still better -Aigerim!
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