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What is he doing?

27 ақпан 2013, Сәрсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The theme: What is he doing?
Aims: 1) to introduce pupils with the new theme using the new methods;
2) to train pupils to speak correctly;
3) to develop pupils speaking, reading and writing skills.
Type: mixed
The visual aids: an interactive board, thematically pictures, Grammar tables.
The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment.
- Good morning, children. Sit down and prepare for the lesson.
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
- What is the date today?
- Well, today we have an unusual lesson. I divided the class into 3 - groups. These cards I’ll give you for marks; a happy boy is “5”, a tired boy is “4”, and an ill boy is “3”. Pupils you should try not to be an ill boy.
b) Warm - up
I can read, I can write,
I can speak English too.
I love learning English!
And what about you?

i [ i: ] ee [ i: ]
A little, little bee
is sitting on a tree
because she wants to see
who is busy, who is free?

What is your name?
Where are you from?
How old are you?
How are you?
What do you like?
How many children are there in your class?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Do you like playing football?

Сheking up the hometask.

The new theme.
The theme of our lesson is « What is he doing?» Today We ‘II talk about what we are doing and what we are making.
. Look at me please. What am I doing?

I am speaking English.
I am teaching English.
This is the Present Continuous.

Am / are / is + Verb + ing

I am reading.
You are writing.
He / She is dancing.
It is jumping.

Is he / she dancing? Yes, he /she is
No,, he /she isn t

Look at the blackbord, please. There are some new words for you.
Listen to me and repeat after me.

sleep - ұйықтау make – жасау
read – оқу, sing – өлең айту,
eat – тамақ ішу dance – билеу,
talk – әңгімелесу write – жазу
draw – сурет салу watch – көру
play - ойнау
Open your books, please on pade 81. Look at the picture and listen to the tape,

Answering: What is Mr. Macaroni doing?
What is Miss Bell doing?
What is Sue doing?
What is sleeping?
Who is talking with grandmother?
Who is playing football?
Is Mr. Macaroni sleeping? Yes, he is / No, he isn’ t
Is Sue eating an ice cream? Yes, she is / No, she isn’t
Is Miss Bell playing football? Yes, she is / No, she isn’ t
Is the cat sleeping? Yes, it is / No, it isn’t
Now, you say please «What are doing now?»

Words from the box: the 1 st group;
Listening / basketball
Writing/ to the teacher
Sitting / a letter
Playing / lollipops
Eating / on a chair

the 2 nd group: Making questions;

are now doing what?
music listening you are to?
watching are you TV?
he eating an apple is?
reading Tom is a book?

the 3 rd group:

I ___ writing a letter
My sister____ dancing.
Tom and Pete ____ swimming.
You ___ not eating.
We ____ listening to music.

This is Tom. He likes to play football and wasching TV. He does not like swimming He likes lions and tigers. He does not like snakes or spiders.
What animals dosen t like Tom?
A) snakes and spiders
b) lions and tigers
c) monkeys and snakes
The children are playing in the park. Tom and Andy playing football. Meg is sitting under the tree. She is eating an apple.
How many children are there?
a) 5
B) 4
C) 10
The monkey runs into the circus ring. He is wearing a purple jaket and a funny little hat. He runs, he iumps, he walks on his hands. He stands on a big ball and holds an umbrella. He rides a pink bicycle and plays a golden trumpet. He waves to the children. They laugh and clap.

• 75 – name six animals.
• 96 – count from 1 to 20.
• 24 – sing a song in English.
• 43 – say the days of the week.
• 85 – name six clothes.
• 52 – name the months of the year.
• 37 – name four sweets.
• 61 - name your English friends.
• 19 – name six objects in the classroom

Give the marks and h/w ex 4 p 111 read and translate.
2 759
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0 дауыс
Would you like some more tea?
Would you like some more tea?
to introduce the pupils with new words, to develop pupil’s speaking habits, to teach in written and orally forms, to introduce with grammar:“I would like”; to develop pupils interest in learning English
I want to be a teacher
I want to be a teacher
Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Маржан Робан
Planning my time
Planning my time
The plan of the lesson Theme: Planning my time Form: 6 The aims of the lesson: Educational: to consolidate lexical stock, to encourage students in different tasks and to express their opinions, to enrich students’ vocabulary.
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