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Having fun. Abilities.

20 сәуір 2017, Бейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Theme of the lesson: Unit 8. Having fun. Step 1. Abilities.
Үздік ұстаз бәйгесіне
General aims: To learn and practise Can/can't.
To develop the pupil's habits of reading, speaking and writing, to support an interest to the English lesson.
Results of educating: Students will know to use can/can't and will develop their reading speaking and listening skills.
Main ideas: New approaches to teaching and learning.
Learning to think critically. Assessment for and of learning. Teaching talented and gifted children.
Methods: Dialogue.
Answer and question.
Make a poster.
Resources: English book, markers, kist, pictures, papers,

Warm up: We wish you.....
Checking home task Extra reading's task
Presentation To we will travel by ship, so you should write your names of these stickers and glue it this ship.
Ok, we are in the ship, we are in the sea and you are sailors. We should do something during the way.
- Do you like English lesson?
- What do you like do at English lesson?
- Do you like sing a song?
- Do you like new words?
- Do you like listen to music?
- Do you like games?
- Do you like writing?
Ok, that's kind and very nice.

Practice 1. Sing a song "Mayflower"
2. New words. Dispense new words. ability [ə'bɪlətɪ] способность - мүмкіндік
swim [swɪm] плавание - жүзу
dive [daɪv] нырять - сүңгу
sing [sɪŋ] петь - ән айту
draw [drɔː] рисовать - сурет салу
speak [spiːk] говорить - айту
cook [kuk] готовить - ас әзірлеу
dance [dɑːn(t) s] танцевать - билеу
ski [skiː] ходить на лыжах - шаңғы тебу
stand on my head - встать с головой - баспен тұру
ride a horse - сесть на лошадь - атқа міну
ride a bike - кататься на велосипеде - велосипед тебу

3. Grammar.
Can / Can’t
істей аламын/ істей алмаймын
могу/ не могу
An ability to do something
бірденені істей алу қабілеттілігі
способность что - то сделать

4. Listening.
Singular work.
Match the words with the pictures. You have got three minutes.
Exercise 2.
This is the first of a song. How many abilities are there?
I can swim and I can dive.
I can stand on my head.
I can ride a bike.
I can. Oh yes, I can.
Exercise 3 a
To find Pirate’s problem. Listen to the song. The Pirate has got a problem. What’s his problem?
Exercise 3 b
Listen again Pirate’s problem. Are these sentences true, false or we don’t know?
1. He can play the piano.
2. He can dance.
3. He can’t cook.
4. He can draw.
5. He can’t play tennis.

5. Speaking.
Exercise 6
Hot microphone.
What can your friend do?
A B C level’s task. Dispense ABC cards.
Students A make a dialogue and role play.
Students B do an exercise 2 with Work book.
Students C do an exercise 1 with Work book.

Evaluation 6. Reading
1 group. Make a claster. Exercise 7 with Student’s book.
2 group. Make a poster exercise 3 with Work book.
3 group. Venn diagram. Exercise 5 with Work book.

Assessment: Feedback. To find a treasure
Reflection. Palm tree Assessment for learning.
Home task: Exercise 4 with Work book and new words.

Шығыс Қазақстан облысы, Тарбағатай ауданы
"Өкпеті" орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
Какибаланова Маржан Бокебаевна

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