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The leader XXI century

16 ақпан 2015, Дүйсенбі
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The leader XXI century

The aims of the game;
1. To enrich pupils knowledge of foreign languages, to show the importance of being well educated
2. To develop pupils intellect, speech habits through speaking, listening, and writing in three languages
3. To bring up the culture of communication and the need in practical use of languages
The procedure of the game;
Presenter; Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and pupils. We are very glad to see you today. Welcome to our competition
Presenter: The first level is called “BAIGA”
Presenter: You should answer 14 questions. The first who raises the sign is going to answer. Each right answer brings you 10 points.
Presenter: So we begin.

Try to answer the guestions
Pupils 1. The 1st capital of our republic [Kyzylorda]
Pupils 2. The President of the USA [Barak Obama]
Pupils 3. How many letters are there in English alphabet [26]
Pupils 4. When do Kasakhstans celebrate Independence Day?[16th December]
Pupils 5. National language of our republic [Kasakh]
Pupils 6. Which university is the oldest in the USA?[Harward]
Pupils 7. The capital of Canada is______[Ottawa]
Pupils 8. When is celebrated Nauryz Day? [22nd March]
Pupils 9. What can you say about the population of the Republic?[16 million]
Pupils 10. What Kasakh national games? [Kokpar, audaryspak, kyz kuu]
Pupils 11. When is celebrated Mother’s Day?[8th March]
Pupils 12. How many stars are there in the American flag? [50]
Pupils 13. What is the capital of the United States?[Washington]
Pupils 14. How many stripes are there in the American flag?[13]
Pupils 1. What is America’s national sport? [baseball]
Pupils 2. What is the official language of the USA?[English]
Pupils 3. When did Kasakhstan gain its independence?[1991]
Pupils 4. What are the oldest English Universities?[Oxford and Cambridge]
Pupils 5. Who was the founder of Disneyland? [W. Disney]
Pupils 6. The Kasakh national drink [kymyz]
Pupils 7. How many continents are there on the Earth? [6]
Pupils 8. Who discovered America? [Columbus]
Pupils 9. How many seasons are there in the year?[4]
Pupils 10. How many days are there in the week? [7]
Pupils 11. What day is it today?[Thursday]
Pupils 12. Who built the first car? [H. Ford]
Pupils 13. How many states does the USA consist of?[50]
Pupils 14. Who is the first President of Kasakhstan?[N. Nasarbayev].

Presenter: There are 2 “living questions”. The easy one “costs” 10 points, the more difficult – 20 points, the most difficult is 30 points.

1. How many houses does Kasakhstan Congress consist of? 20
a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6 e. 2
2. Australia is famous for its ________ 20
a. pigs b. asses c. horses d. sheep e. cows
3. America was discovered by Columbus in_________ 20
a. 1493 b. 1537 c. 1492 d. 1538 e. 1632
4. The United states has_______ 30
a. about 250 million people
b. people from Europe and India only
c. the highest population in the world
5. The most popular sport in Canada is………… 20
a) baseball b) ice hockey c) basketball
6. The Rocky Mountains are in … 30
a) Canada only b) the USA only c) both Canada and the USA

7. You have read that book, … you? 30
a) have b) hadn’t c) haven’t
8. I’ve just seen Kate, but I … to her yet. 30
a) haven’t spoken b) didn’t speak c) doesn’t you
9. You haven’t got a new car,………..? 30
a) have you b) isn’t it c) haven’t you
10. Gerry is nice. He………….. in my class since Christmas. 10
a) has been b) is c. was
11. I’m going to see my cousin next week. We …… have for two years 20
a) don’t meet b) haven’t met c) didn’t meet
12. David……. with us since the summer 10
a) has been b) is c) was
13. You must be hungry. You ………. since last night 10
a) haven’t eaten b) didn’t eat hasn’t eaten
14. Carol and I ……………penfriends for three years 10
a) have been b) are c) been

Presenter 1: How many points have the participants got? Dear experts? You are welcome to answer.
/the results of the game/
Presenter: We start the third level which is called “POLYGLOT”.
You should guess 4 words and write them down in 3 languages: Russian, English and Kazakh.
1. All is not gold that glitters
Жылтырағанның бәрі алтын емес
2. All is well that ends well
Біткен істің жаманы жоқ
3. Better late than never
Ештен кеш жақсы
4. Custom is a second nature
Ауру қалса да әдет қалмайды
5. East or West, home is best
Өз үйім кең сарайдай бөз үйім
6. Everything is good in its season
Әр нәрсенің өз уақыты бар
7. Live and learn
Оқусыз білім жоқ, білімсіз күнің жоқ
8. Never put off till tomorrow what can you do today
Бүгінгі істі ертеңге қалдырма

Presenter 1: Now let us know who leaves us. What are the results?
Presenter 1: Who is the Leader of the XXI century?
Presenter 2: Our competition is over. Thank you for your attention. Good bye!
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“The leader of the XXI Century” – XXI ғасыр көшбасшысы
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