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My motherland is Kazakhstan

07 наурыз 2019, Бейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
My motherland is Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan - a country name,
Kazakhstan - is the name of the spring,
Kazakhstan - is the name of freedom,
Kazakhstan - is the sunlight,
Kazakhstan - the wings of victory!

My Kazakhstan - is the most expensive, important, precious, beloved country. This is my homeland.....
In Kazakhstan, a single family fifteen million people live, the representatives of more than a hundred nationalities. He ranked ninth in the world in terms of territory! Kazakhstan is rich in folk traditions and customs. Kazakh people - this is the most hospitable people. The largest, most beautiful festival is a celebration of Nauryz. It is celebrated on 22 March. And the biggest national holiday is the holiday of Independence Day. It is celebrated on the 16th of December. Kazakhstan - a homeland for all Kazakhs, regardless of their nationality.
Kazakhstan - a large state, was built in difficult natural conditions. This steppe, semi - desert and desert. Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources. We also have the famous "space city" Baikonur, from where to start in the Russian space rackets. Three large steppe river - Irtysh, Tobol and Ishim - carry their water in the Arctic Ocean, falling in front of this great Siberian river Ob. The rest of the river flow in the internal waters, the Caspian Sea, the Aral Sea and Balkhash.
This unique state like Kazakhstan, is no longer anywhere in the world!
Kazakhstan - a strong, strong power, and our task - to keep her that status. We must protect our homeland, to respect it, to observe the laws of our country, to protect nature and the wealth that gave us our Fatherland. And most importantly - we need to keep the peace in our country, to avoid the troubles and sorrows of all people to be happy.
Kazakhstan - a country of great opportunities, only two decades ago has become an independent. Its development comes rapidly.
The capital of my country is the city of Astana. Astana is a symbolic expression of our openness, both East and West, both South and North. This city is located in the geographical center of Eurasia.
That's what my Kazakhstan: peaceful, free, rich, cosmopolitan. How can you not love this country? I am proud of my country's past, devote her life to the present for the sake of our common future.
Now the XXI century - the century of the new generation, who will become the mainstay of the young state. We should pay great attention to study, try to acquire maximum knowledge. The State of the new millennium need educated, active people. From us will depend on the future of the state. "Kazakhstan needs an intellectual revolution, which will awaken and realize the potential of our nation" - said Nursultan Nazarbayev. Personally, I'm going to try to learn, to work for the state to contribute to the development of my country, the Republic of Kazakhstan. My independent Kazakhstan - this is my home, my native land!
Oh, Kazakhstan, How Great Thou Art!
I love you for your face mighty:
Over the steppes, mountains, rivers and seas,
For the fact that you - my motherland!

Z. Aytikina
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My country is Kazakhstan
My country is Kazakhstan
My country is Kazakhstan. I was born and I have been living here. My grandparents live in the Akmola region. My trip there is very long but interesting. I can see the endless fields of wheat and other crops on my way.
Kazakhstan is my Motherland
Kazakhstan is my Motherland
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Kazakhstan is my motherland
Kazakhstan is my motherland
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