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Clothes for all weathers

14 наурыз 2014, Жұма
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Aim: To identify items of clothing.
- to practice to read the words in the box
- to educate to place clothes in the appropriate according to who usually wears the individual items.
- to develop students reading, speaking writing skills.
Vocabulary: items of clothing.
Materials: cards, pictures, CD – disc.

Procedure of the class
- Motivation: students: How many seasons are there in a year?
There are 4 – seasons in a year. Ok every season has its clothes. Now we will talk with you about clothes for all weathers.
1. Put the words form the box in correct column.
belt, blouse, dress, gloves, high heels, shirt, shoes, skirt, socks, suit, sunglasses.
jacket, jeans, jumper, pajamas, scarf tie, tights, trainers, trousers, T – shirt
Clothes usually for men Clothes for Clothes usually for woman
Both men and women
Shirt, tie Belt, gloves, Blouse, dress
Jacket, jeans, High heels
Jumper, pajamas Skirt, tight

Scarf, shoes socks, suit sunglasses, T – shirt

2. Listen and write.
Aim: To identify pictures by listening to descriptions listen to the four descriptions and match each one to the correct picture

a) Put the words under the correct. – Pictures. a) a yellow summer dress
b) a black – T – shirt c) a red tie d) brown tights. e) Sandals f) a pink blouse g) trainers
h) an umbrella I ) a grey suit j) a purple scarf k) a jacket l) sunglasses
A So she was wearing really horrible clothes She looked like a parrot – pink top and green skirt and those really silly high – heeled shoes.
B. He was dressed really smartly. I think he was going to work or to a meeting
C. My brother always looks casual. I don’t think he likes wearing a skirt and tie
D I really like your new dress. Did you buy it for the summer?
Answer 1 c. 2 A. 3 D. 4 B
a) Put the words under the correct pictures:
Answers: Picture A c) h) i)
Picture B a) e) l)
picture c: d) f ) j)
picture D: b ) g) k)

3. Students choose you favorite season: Now find your partner and ask questions:
Aim: To talk about individual styles of dress.
- What do you like wearing?
- What do you usually wear?
- What do you wear at weekends?
- When do you wear smart clothes?
- What do you wear to school?
- what do you wear in winter?
Answers: - I like wearing t - shirt and jeans.
- I usually wear black trousers and white shirt
- I wear T – shirt and jeans.
- At the party.
- I wear white shirt and black trousers
- I wear winter jacket gloves.

4. Which item of clothing is the odd one out in each group?
Aim: To find the “ odd one out ” in the word groups
- In this first students should to find one word in each – group that does not belong there for some reason.
example: blouse, shirt, jumper, socks = socks because we wear socks on our feet
1) shoes, trousers, sandals, boots =
2) Pajamas, jackets, jumper, I – shirt
3) Dress, blouses, skirt, jeans,
4) shorts, skirt, trousers, tights
5) hat, tie, belt, earrings
6) shorts, T - shirt, swimming costume trousers,

1 trousers - we wear it on our legs.
2. pajamas - we wear it on our body
3. jeans – we wear it on our legs.
4. skirt - we wear it on our body.
5. earring – we wear it on our ears.
6. swimming costume – we wear it when we swim.

5. Lets divid into four groups; choos seasons; draw a wardrobe; for their favourite season.;
winter; coat, hat, gloves,, jumper, boots,
spring; jacket, cap, shoes,
summer; light dress, shorts, sandals,
autumn; autumn jacket, cap, boots,

6. Look at the pictures of tickets. Can you help the cleck to sort them out according to the following tickets?
Teacher; Students look at the four tickets. What is the weather like in four countries?
Answer; It is hot in Sydney.
It is cold in Canada.
It is rainy in London.
It is cold in Kazakhstan.
Teacher; look at the clothes and to sort them according to the following tickets.
1. Mrs. Green (Sydney) light dress, sandals, sunglasses, swimming costume.
2. MR. John (Canada) – muffler, ski – mask, winter jacket.
3. Gary Hugh ( London ) – pullover, raincoat, umbrella.
4. Mr. Smith (Kazakhstan) winter cat, ski – mask, gloves, jumper.
7. Look at these people have in four suit cases. Where do you think they are going?

Answer: Number 1 Sunglas. Sydney. Number2 England. 3Almaty, 4 North Canada
Conclusion of the lesson.
Making the student
Giving home tasks:
Choose the places: and pack your suitcase: sightseeing: sunbathing
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Clothes and things, Одежда и вещи
Clothes and things, Одежда и вещи
Clothes and things. Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to 1. L3 recognise with support simple greetings recognise the spoken form of a limited range of basic and everyday classroom words
Kazakh national clothes
Kazakh national clothes
to advance pupils knowledge about Kazakh national clothes, to activate the pupils speaking abilities about national clothes of our country, to teach pupils to search and learn necessary materials themselves.
Whose T - shirt is this?
Whose T - shirt is this?
Educational: to teach pupils to answer the question and presentation of the new words: a T - shirt, a jacket, trousers, trainers, jeans, shoes, a tie, a hat, an anorak, a skirt, a pullover, a dress.
Астана қаласы, №53мектеп-лицейінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Ильясова Гаухар Оралбайқызы
Whose T-shirt is this?
Whose T-shirt is this?
Ақтөбе облысы,Ойыл ауданы, Қараой мектеп- бала бақшасының мұғалімі Мырзагалиева Сандигул Сандигалиевна
Батыс Қазақстан обл, Темір ауданы, Кеңқияқ орта мектебінің мұғалімі: ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Жайнакова Динара
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