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The world of fairy tales

27 қазан 2012, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Isatai, Atyrau region
School - Isatai
The teacher of English:
Tolepbergen Aidana Zinelgabidenkizy

The 4 - 5 th forms
The theme of the lesson: The world of fairy tales
The aims of the lesson: To teach pupils speaking and learning English.
To introduce the theme by interactive actions to discuss content of the international process.

Visual aids: interactive board, songs, games
I. Organization momentcenter]
Teacher: Good evening dear teachers and children. Welcome to our show: «The world of fairy tales». We are glad to see you and hope you wIll enjoy the tale today. Guys tell me you want to see a fairy tale? (Yes, yes)
What kind of story you want to see? (We want to see Cinderella)
Let s look at families Cinderella and families to scurvies all the tests, Good luck.
Introduce Cinderella s families
Who is knows Cinderella’s poems?
Think and answer
1) Cinderella likes animals
2) Cinderlla likes eat chocolate…
3) Cinderellas stepsister
4) Золушка translate in English
5) Cinderellas stepsister
6) Goodmother
7) Prince PhI llips father
8) Cinderella danced with Prince…
10) King Frederics workman
Who is fastest?
Cat, fox, rabbit, wolf, tiger, elephant
Sing the song
Theacher: We meet families of Cinderella and passed all tests. And now look at a fairy tales.

Scene 1
Storyteller: Once upon a time their lived a nice girl. Poor thing she didn t have parents. She lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. (background music)
Storyteller2: The girl s name was Cinderella because she was a very kind and hardworking person. Her stepmother and two stepsisters didn t like her. They made her work for them all time. So here they are.
(Cinderella s stepmother appears, yawning and calling Cinderella)
Stepmother: Cinderella brings me some coffee!
Cinderella: yes, mom please, mom
Anna: Cinderella brings me an apple!
Cinderella: Here you are dear sister.
Betty: Cinderella bring me some tea!
Cinderella: Just a second dear Betty
Betty: You must now I don t like tea with milk. I like tea with lemon! What did you bring?
Cinderella: I m sorry, dear sister! Anna likes tea with milk. I m sorry, I forget. Wait please I’ll be in a second.
Story - teller1: It was December and the king decided to make a ball, a Christmas party, for all the people of his kingdom.
Story - teller2: He wanted all young ladies to come to his palace as he wanted to find a bride for his son Prince PhIllip.
(Knock at the door. Cinderella opens the door) The first Guard comes into the rooms and comes to Stepmother)
Guard1: Good morning, madam! Is their any young lady living in this house?
Stepmother; Yes, I have two daughters, Anna and Betty. What s the matter?
Guard: (reads)"On the 25 th of December his Majesty king Frederic the Fifth is must be beautifully dressed and accompanied by their mothers. The most beautiful kind lady wIll become the bride of prince PhIllip. The party begins at 8 o clock in the evening"
So, madam the king invites you and your daughters to the ball in his palace tonight at 8 oclock. Good bye, madam.
Stepmother: Good bye, sir
Anna Betty! We are going to the ball. The king is looking for a bride for the prince. He wants to see all young girls at the palace tonight at 8 o clock. Get ready quickly!
Anna; the king wants to see
Betty: I’ll see the prince. I’ll talk to him. Maybe I’ll become his bride. I’m beautiful and hell like me.
Anna: No, I’ll be his palace, the prince; too people say that the palace is very beautiful and made of gold and PhIllipis very is nice. may be I’ll dance with him.
Cinderella: I ll see the palace, the prince too. People say that the palace is very beautiful and made of gold and PhIllipis very nice. May be I ll dance with him.
Anna and Betty; you, oh, no! Ha, ha, ha
Anna; look at yourself, you are short dirty and ugly!
Betty; You don t have any beautiful dress. Who wIll let you come into the palace?
Stepmother: Stop, girls stop. We don t have much time to speak. We must get ready for the ball. Cinderella, make new beautiful dresses for us! You can do it very well. We must be nicest ladies at the party.
Anna: Let s go and get ready for the party in the palace.

Scene 2
Storyteller 1: So Cinderella prepared the most beautiful dresses for her stepmother and stepsister. She was very tired.
Story teller 2: But her sisters were rude as always
Anna: I dont like this dress. It is very simple
Betty: My dress is not good either. It is very dark. (Light)
Stepmother: No, girls look you are very beautiful in these dresses. Lets go, or well be late.
Cinderella: Dear mother can I go with you? Let s go or well be palace and just to listen to music. I ll not come in
Stepmother: Certainly dear you can. But first you must clean the floor wash the plates cook dinner water flowers feed the cow, and then you can go and look at the palace.

Scene 3
Storyteller 1: Poor Cinderella! She always tries to be kind and nice.
Storyteller2: And now, look at her she is crying. Ah, who is this beautiful lady?
Storyteller1: This is Cinderella s Godmother, Fairy. I think she ll do something.
Fairy: Dear child, why are you crying? What s happened? Oh, I know you want to go to the ball.
Cinderella: Yes, but I dont have a dress and I have so many things to do.
Fairy: Dont worry I ll help you. Today is Christmas and we ll have the night of wonders. One, two, three.
Cinderella: Oh, thank you dear godmother
Fairy: Stop takes the shoes
Cinderella: Oh, thank you dear godmother
Fairy: Stop! Listen! You must leave the palace before 12 oclock. Otherwise your dress wIll became old and dirty your carriage wIll become the pumpkin again. Be careful dont forget about it.
Cinderella: Oh thank you dear godmother. I ll remember everything.

Scene 4
Storyteller1: So Cinderella came to the ball. When the prince saw the girl, he fell in love her at once. Really she was the most beautiful girl at the party. Her stepmother and stepsister didn t recognize her.
Storyteller2: Cinderella was very happy she danced with the prince and with the king. And everybody liked her. Look. Cinderella and PhIllipare speaking. Let1s listen to what they are talking about.
Prince: You are so beautiful and kind. You must like all living creatures in the world.
Cinderella: Yes, I like animals. I think I can understand them and they understand me.
Prince: What do you like to do in your free time? I usually ride my horse or go hunting. In winter I like to skate.
Cinderella: I don t know. Im afraid I cant skate
Prince: I ll teach you (persuading) Dont say no.
Cinderella: I think it wIll be very difficult for me
Prince: No, Dont worry. And what do you like to eat? Mmmm You like, you like, I know you like ice cream! Do you like fruit or chocolate ice cream? I ll bring you some.
Cinderella: Chocolate, please
Oh, no! The time is over. I must go. Dear prince, dear PhIllipgoodbye!
(Prince appears with ice cream.)
Prince: Wait! Where are you going? Why are you running away? (runs after Cinderella)
Cinderella: Im sorry I can t Stay any more.(runs away leaving a shoe).
Prince: Whats your name? Gone How can I find you? I even dont know your name (see the shoe picks it up) The shoe…I ll find you with the help of the shoe.
Scene 5

Cinderellas house. Cinderella is tidying the house. Stepmother is sitting in the armchair and reading smith.
Storyller 1: The prince sent his guards to visit all the hourses in the kingdom.
Storyteller 2: He wanted all the girls to try on the shoe his new friend had left. Now the guard is in the house of Cinderella.
Guard 2: Good morning, madam/Have you got daughter?
Stepmother: Good morning sir. I have two daughters. What s happened?
Guard 2: Prince PhIllip wants to find the girl whom he met at the Christmas party. The girl suddenly ran away without saying a word. She left her shoe if any girl tires on the shoe, and if the shoe suits her, she wIllbecome the bride of the prince. After she marries Prince PhIllip she wIll get the half of the kingdom as a present His Majesty, King Frederic the Fifth. So madam calls your daughters.
Stepmother: Anna, Betty comes here! Try on the shoe. One of you can become the wife of the prince.
Anna: Im the first. I molder.
Guard 2: (trying the shoe) No. it s too small for you
Betty: Now its my turn.
Guard 2: (trying the shoe) Im sorry lady. It doesn t suit you. Is there any other young girl?
Cinderella: Its me
Anna and Betty: Cinderella? I ts impossible. She wasn t at the ball.
Guard: Sit down dear child. I ll try on the shoe. Look it s her shoe. Do you have the other one?
Cinderella: Certainly I have.(puts on the second shoe)
Prince: Here you are, my dear friend. I was looking for you for a long time(stands on his knee)
WIll you marry me? Or I wIll die. You are my love forever.
Cinderella: (giving her hand to Prince) I wIll marry you dear PhI llip. Im so happy.
Storyteller 2: Cinderella and Prince PhIllip lived long and happy.

Cinderella: Enlik
Cinderella s Stepmother: Kamila
Anna Cinderella s stepsister: Kamshat
Betty Cinderella s stepsister: Guldauren
Fairy: Aizada
Prince PhI llip: Rinat
King Frederic V: Zamanbek
Guard 1: Nurlanbek
Guard 2: Erlan

Teacher: Our show: «The world of fairy tales» is over. I hope you wIll enjoyed the Fairy tale todays. Thank you for your attention.
Good bye!

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