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Fairy Tales

14 қаңтар 2017, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Ағылшын тілі пәнінен 4-6 класс оқушыларына арналған кластан тыс шара
The theme: The Fairy tales world
Form: 5
1. To strengthen motivation of studying of English language.
2. To develop pupils’ speaking skills. (dialogical speech).
3. To develop creative abilities of pupils.
Visions: cards, markers and poster, notebook, video films
textbook, tables, flash - cards;

Karina: - Good Afternoon dear teachers, pupils and guests. We are very glad to see you today at our English party. You are welcome. We know that all of us love the fairy tales. Today our pupils will show you their talents.
What are fairy tales? Fairy tale is a fanciful tale of legendary deeds and creatures,. To me, fairy tales contain not only imaginative stories but also the wishes, dreams and hopes of ordinary people. People from variety backgrounds have different points of view, they share the same wishes and dreams, values and beliefs. Therefore we often encounter similarities among fairy tales from different cultures. If we only talk about fairy tales, they mostly have the same meanings or values. If we go into details, however; we will recognize some slight differences among them.
But before it we want you see one of the our favourite videos “Three bears”
- The first fairy tale is “The turnip”. The pupils of 5th form.

“The turnip”.
An Author – Садыкова Карина
A Grandfather -
A Grandmother –
A Granddaughter -
A Dog, named Jack -
A Cat –
A Mouse -

AN AUTHOR: Once upon a time somewhere about there lived the grandfather and the grandmother.
The grandfather was a very good gardener he liked to spend a lot of time looking after his plants. In springtime he planted a turnip and many other vegetables. The turnip was growing bigger and bigger with the grandfather's song and there came time to take it out.
A GRANDFATHER: Came the happy, happy time
Taking out crops of mine.
Pooling, pooling my turnip
Can’t just do it - it's too big!
It's too big for me! Uppps! Grandma, grandma come and help me, please!
A GRANDMOTHER: I am coming, I'll help you.
TOGETHER: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A GRANDMOTHER: It’s too deep. Let’s call our granddaughter to help us.
A GRANDFATHER: It’s a very bright idea. Call our granddaughter to help us.
A GRANDMOTHER: Granddaughter, granddaughter come to help us to pool the turnip out.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A GRANDDAUGHTER: Let’s call Jack to help us. Zhuchka, Zhuchka come to help us to pool the turnip out.
Jack: Woof, woof I am in a hurry to come.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
Jack: It’s not so easy as I thought it would be. Let’s call the cat to help us. Kitty, kitty come down to help us.
A CAT: Prrrrr, prrrrr. I am coming.
AN AUTHOR: Pulling, pulling the turnip, can’t pull it up!
A CAT: I believe we need help. Let’s call the mouse. Mouse, mouse, come and help us.
A MOUSE: pi pi pi pi. I am a Mouse. I am happy to help us.
AN AUTHOR: And they pooled the turnip out! All of them were glad that the turnip was finally out. The grandma cooked the turnip and gave everybody a piece of a sweet and tasty turnip. When the mouse ate his piece of turnip he said.
A MOUSE: It was so lovely. If you need my help next time, please call me again. I like the turnip so much.

Karina: I see magic,
princesses, princes
talking animals, dragons
witches, lizards.
Then, I open a book
and read a story
about normal life.

- And now pupils of the 4th form read a poem “One, two, three”
One, two, three Hop with me
One, two, three Hop with me
Hop now, hop now,
You and me
One, two, three jump with me
One, two, three jump with me
jump now, jump now,
You and me
One, two, three clap with me
One, two, three clap with me
clap now, clap now,
You and me
Karina: Fairy Tales are loved by all
Even though some tales are quite tall!
Cinderella went to the Ball
which was better then a day at the Mall!
Hansel and Gretel got lost in the woods
but didn't get to meet Little Red Riding Hood!
Fairy Tales are a myth
but they do give us a lift!

Karina: Next tale is “The cat and the mouse”

The cat – Алимбаев Рахат
The mouse – Оразгельдинова Айдана

The cat: Little mouse, Little mouse
Where is your house

The mouse: Little Саt, Little Cat,
I’m a poor mouse
I have no house
The cat: Little mouse, Little mouse,
Come into my house
The mouse: Little Саt, Little Cat
I know,
You want to eat me!

Karina: Little Fairy,
Shine so bright.
Little Fairy,
Show your light.

Little Fairy,
I’m amazed.
Little Fairy,
You seem to blaze.

Little Fairy,
I love your allure.
Little fairy,
You are so pure.

The pupils of the 3rd form with the song “What is your name?”
What is your name?
What is your name?
What is your name?
What is your name?
My name is...
My name is...
My name is...
Nice to meet you!

Karina: The handsome prince rescues the princess
who is forever in distress.
In Fairy Tales, you find love
which is a gift from Heaven above!
The seven dwarfs loved Snow White
but her evil stepmother gave them a fright!
Fairy Tales have been around for years
and we will always hold then dear!

Next tale is “Peter and the fox”

Form: 6
A Father - Амангелдиев Бекарыс
A Mother –
Peter –
A sister –
A fox –
Chickens – Лейла, Фатима, Акнур, Жанель
Equipment: a stick, a doll, a table, a cooker, a spoon, a table.

Peter: – Oh, I am tired. Chickens!!! I don’t like chickens. Oh! I have idea! Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Father! Father, fox!
A Father: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A - ha - ha - ha. I don’t know.
A Father: – You are a bad boy. Why are you crying?
Peter: – Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Mother! Mother, fox!
A Mother: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A – ha - ha - ha. There is no fox.
A Mother: - Why are you crying? Where are the chickens? Oh! Uhh! Oh, my god!
Peter: – Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Sister! Sister, fox!
A sister: – I am coming, Peter. Where is Fox?
Peter: – A – ha - ha - ha. I lied, but you believed me. A – ha - ha - ha.
A sister: – I didn’t believe you, but next time nobody believe you.
Peter: - My father believed me, my mother believed me but my sister didn’t believe me.
Suddenly a fox came and began to catch the chickens.
Peter: Fox! Fox! Help! Help! Father, Mother, sister!
A Father: - You are lying.
A Mother: - You will not fool me again.
A sister: - Nobody believe you.
The fox ate all the chickens. Peter sat and cried.
Peter: I will never tell lies.

Karina: A little fairy comes at night,
with silver spots upon her wings,
And from the moon she flutters down.
She has a little silver wand,
And when a good child goes to bed

- Thank you very much for your participation.

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