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Save the Nature

05 ақпан 2016, Жұма
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Атырау облысы, Атырау қаласы
Жамбыл атындағы орта мектептің
Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Измагамбетова Айгуль

Grade: 9
Theme: Save the Nature
a) Educational: Talking about the ecological problems. Learning the new words.
b) Developing: To develop students’ communicative skills and abilities using various kinds of activities. Training in speaking, reading.
c) Bringing - up: To appreciate the problems of ecology and to think of ways how we should help. To bring up love to the nature, love to our country.
Methods of teaching: explanation, demonstration, presentation, working with tables, games, matching
Inter - subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, Biology, Geography, Music.
The equipment of the lesson: an interactive board, cards, pictures, posters, A3 papers for wall story, Internet
materials, flowers
The procedure of the lesson
I. Org. moment.
T: - Good day, pupils. I’m glad to see you at our English lesson. Let’s start our lesson with good wishes. Please make a circle and greet each other.
P - P: - I wish you success! ------- I wish you luck! -------- I wish you health!
I wish you happiness! ------------- Be pretty! ------------- Be boldness!
Be modest! ------------ Be powerful. ---------- Be clever!
Be honesty! ---------- Be beautiful! ----------- Be handsome!

II. Targeting.
T: - Pupils, look at the screen. Let’s watch a video. (Watching a video). So, what about the video?
PP: -……..
T: - Yes, you are right. About the nature. Are there any problems on the planet, nature? Let’s talk about them together.
T: - And now children, look at the pictures. What’s happening?
P: - Man is burning the trees.
- Man is cutting the trees.
- Factories are polluting the air.
- Oil is polluting the water and killing the birds.
- Man is polluting the water.
- Man is dumping the rubbish.
T: - Our Earth is our home. There are many big and small rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, mountains, forests and animals on the planet. But also there are many factories, cars, oil companies, electric stations on it. They pollute our nature. So, what kind of problems do we have nowadays?
T: - Pupils, look at the board. You can see an ecological tree and many problems around it. Sound up the problems, please.
P, P: - Acid rain, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, killing the animals for meat, skin, oil, nuclear waste, chemical waste, cutting and burning the forests.
T: - So, at our lesson, we’ll talk about nature, environment and ecological problems connecting with you, the world around you and to find the ways of protecting our nature. As you understand the theme of our lesson is “Save the nature”.

III. Presentation of the new material.
1) Main part.
T: - Pupils, look at the active board. You see some information about such problems as Air pollution, Water and Land pollution. Please read the texts one by one and translate.
Air Pollution. Today the air is so polluted in some places that it’s not always safe to breathe there. Many cities around the world have air polluted with “smog”. Smog is brown air pollution that comes from cars and factories, it makes the air unsafe for people, animals and plants to breathe.
Water Pollution. The planet Earth is mostly water. But we’re not doing a very good job of keeping water clean. In many places, the water has become polluted. Rivers and lakes are polluted by garbage or by poisonous chemicals which are dumped right into them.
Land Pollution. When you throw something away, it goes in a garbage can. Almost all garbage is taken to a garbage dump, or landfill, where the garbage truck empties it onto the ground. So, most of our garbage is just buried. Now we are making so much garbage that in many places, there is not enough room to bury it all.

2) New words
T: - My dears, please look at the active board. Before beginning of our lesson we must to study the new words. Listen and repeat after me.
Environment [invaiәrәnmәnt] – қоршаған орта
Pollute [pәlju: t] - ластау
Pollution [pәlju:∫әn] - ластану
Petrol station [petrol stei∫әn] – жанармай бекеті
Factory [fæktri] – фабрика, зауыт
Road [roud] – жол, шоссе
Fur [fә:] – аң терісі
Destroy [distroi] – қирату, жою
Soil [soil] – топырақ
IV. Practice.

1. Video - task.
T: - And now look here, please. I’ve got a video - task from my students. They are studying at the secondary school named after Zhambul. Let’s watch a video and listen to them. (Watching video)
“Hello, Dear friends!
We are the students of the secondary school named after Zhambul. Our school is located in Zhanatalap village, Atyrau town.
Atyrau region is situated on the west of Kazakhstan. It’s the richest region of Kazakhstan because the land of Atyrau rich for oil. There’re a lot of factories and oil companies.
Different foreign oil companies and our national oil companies work in Atyrau region. Oil brings them a lot of profit, but wide using resources upsets the biological balance, pollutes air, water and soil.
Dear friends, we want to ask you do some posters for us:
- About advantages and disadvantages of these oil company
- The Code of Ecological Rules for all people of our town.
Thank you for your attention. We wish you good luck!”
T: - Did you understand the task? If yes, please do it. Pupils, be so active. For your each right answer I’ll give you a flower.
T: - First of all you must find Atyrau region and the Caspian Sea on the map and write them. And what can you say about ecological problems of the Caspian Sea and Atyrau region?
P: - Too many people live in our region.
- The air is polluted by the factory.
- The river is not clean.
- People throw out a lot of rubbish.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages. (Work in groups)
T: - The 1st task of my pupils is answer the question: What kind of advantages and disadvantages do these companies have? Pupils, you’ll work in 2 groups. The 1st group’s name is “Oil company”, and the 2nd group’s name is “Nature’s friend”. Make up a poster and present it. You have 2 minutes.

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Hello. Hello, Nico!
Hello. Hello, Nico!
Presentation of the lesson “Hello. Hello, Nico!”, to train new words, to teach the children how listen to the CD, to teach the names of Anna, Bella, Eddie, Lee, Mrs. Pop.
Review lesson. Save the nature
Review lesson. Save the nature
Talking about protecting the environment and saving the nature;
My Motherland — Kazakhstan
My Motherland — Kazakhstan
to develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and reading; to enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills; to develop the students’ imagination and interest in writing research works; to improve students’ skills in independent work.
Greenhouse gases and climate change
Greenhouse gases and climate change
To teach pupils to speak about ecological problems in oral speech and in writing, to get full information trough reading and listening.
Save the nature
Save the nature
Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі Мауленина Жаннур Сериковна
Save the nature!
Save the nature!
Қызылорда облысы, Арал ауданы, Сазды ауылы, № 60 Ж.Түменбаев атындағы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі: Таяубаева А.Ж.
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