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Review lesson. Save the nature

23 сәуір 2019, Сейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Review lesson. Save the nature
Lesson Plan
1. Date:
2. Form: 9th
3. Theme of the lesson: Review lesson. Save the nature
4. Aims of the lesson:
a) Talking about protecting the environment and saving the nature;
b) Developing students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, enriching students’ vocabulary;
c) Bringing up the students to become environmentally educated person and take care of living and non - living things.
1. Aids: an interactive board, flashcards.
Procedure of the lesson

1. Organization moment:
T: Good afternoon, students! S: Good afternoon, teacher!
How are you? Fine, thanks.
Who is on duty today? S1: I’m on duty today.
What day/date is it today?
Who is absent today?

2. Checking up the home task:
T: What was your home task?
S: To review vocabulary and grammar.
T: Then, guess the meanings and translate them into Russian and Kazakh.
1. It means the earth with all people, animals and plants. (world – мир - әлем)
2. It means to make air, water, soil dirty or dangerously impure. (to pollute - загрязнять - ластау)
3. It means the action of pollution. (pollution - загрязнение - ластану)
4. It means to kill, to ruin completely. (to destroy – уничтожить - жою)
5. It is the ground that covers the earth in which the plants grow. (soil - почва - топырақ)
6. It means all the surroundings conditions; the natural conditions such as air, water, land, in which man lives. (environment - окружающая среда - қоршаған орта)
7. It means to protect the nature or keep safe from harm. (to save - сохранить - сақтау)

3. Warm - up:
T: Let’s start our lesson with the phonetic drill. It’s called “Don’t kill the world!” Look at the interactive board. Listen to me.
Don’t kill the world!
Don’t let the Earth down!
Don’t destroy the world!
Don’t kill the world!
Don’t kill the world!
Don’t let the Earth die!
a) Reading in chorus.
b) Reading in turn.
c) Translation.

4. Presentation:
Task 1
T: Look at the pictures. What’s happening?
1. Man is burning the trees.
2. Man is cutting the trees.
3. Oil is polluting the water and killing the birds.
4. Factories are polluting the air.
5. Man is polluting the water.
6. Man is dumping the rubbish.
T: Yes, you are right. So what kind of problems do we have nowadays?
T: Yes, you are right. As you’ve understand the theme of our lesson is “Save the Nature”. Open your exercise books and write down today’s date and the theme. Today we’ll review Unit “The world around us”. We’ll talk about nature, environment and ecological problems.
Task 2
T: Look at the exercises 7 and 8 on page 139. Look at the map and find Atyrau region. And what can you say about ecology of Atyrau? What problems do the people of Atyrau have?
S: Atyrau region is situated on the west of Kazakhstan. It is the richest region of Kazakhstan because the land of Atyrau rich for oil. There are a lot of factories and oil companies in Atyrau region.
T: Yes, you are quite right. But what kind of advantages and disadvantages do these companies have?
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