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Healthy eating

25 сәуір 2013, Бейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The plan of the lesson. 7A form.
Theme: “Healthy eating”.
Aims of the lesson: 1. To develop students’ reading, listening and speaking skills.
2. To teach students to talk about healthy food and healthy habits, life.
3. To enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic.
The method of the lesson: Critical thinking.
Visual aids: an interactive board, slides, cards, posters.
The procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.
Everybody welcome. Good afternoon, children!! Today we have an open lesson, so be active and do not be afraid.

II. Warm up. Let us watch a video If you are happy in order to have a good mood.
Checking up the home task on p73WB.

III. Brainstorming. You know, there is nothing more important than health. As everybody is responsible for his health and well - being we must take good care of our health. And we should eat healthy food. So pupils make a pyramid for these papers and write the basic types of food a person should eat. Pupils answers.
A: Food is a form of fuel. It gives us energy, helps us to grow. Eating the proper food is important to stay healthy.
B: These are five basic types of food a person should eat: meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, bread, fats and sugar.
A: Meat groups: meat, eggs, chicken, fish, sausages. Meat helps you have a strong and healthy body by providing protein.
B: Milk group: ice - cream, cheese, milk, sour - cream, cottage cheese. Dairy products build strong teeth and bones by providing calciuv.
A: Fruit and vegetables group: orange, apples, carrots, corn, cabbage, juice. Fresh fruit and vegetables help you have healthy gums, good eyesight by providing vitamins.
B: Bread, cereal group: cereal, spaghetti, bread give us energy by providing protein, iron and several vitamins.
A: Fats and sugars are fast sources of energy.
So, you should eat a variety of food to keep fit.

So today our theme is «Healthy eating».
IV. Pre - reading task:
Watch a video of Sonya Thomas and say what do you think she does?
a) She eats food quickly.
Write down new words.
Exercise 6 p82. Read the text yourself. Complete the sentences with highlighted words in the text. Key: 1. healthy
2. natural
3. thin
4. spider
6. take part.
Exercise 7. Choose the best answers.
1. c 2. c 3. a 4. a 5. b
Exercise 8. Listen and complete the song.
1. microwave 2. junk food 3. bad 4. know 5. slow 6. stressed 7. arithmetic 8. classroom.
After listening the song which of these opinions are expressed in the song. Do you agree with it? C. Eating a lot of junk food is bad for your body and your mind.
Make an interview about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.
You can use these jumbled questions:
mean/ What/ healthy eating/does?
it/to be vegetarian/ a good idea/ Is?
food /for young people /is good /who do /What kind of /a lot of sports?
do you / fast food/ about /What /think?
good and bad/ staying slim/What are/ways of?
to stay healthy / can/ we /do/ What else?
OK, as you know our health depends on many factors, but it mainly depends on habits we have. The habits may be good or bad. Now I’d like you to look at the board.

These are some health habits people usually have. Look through them first and say which of them are good habits.
- eating meals regularly
- walking in the open air
- going to bed in time
- getting up early
- cleaning teeth
- washing hands before and after eating
- doing morning exercises
- going to bed late
- sleeping too much
- eating too much
- drinking alcohol
- smoking
Now look at the screen again and name the good habits only and then the bad habits.
So, children what good habits do you have?
Students’ answers.
V. Consolidation. Work with cards:
1. Write the name of the food. Put the words under the correct heading: HEALTHY/UNHEALTHY
2. 1). Say what habits are healthy (H) or Unhealthy (U). Write H/U after the sentences. 1) H 2) U 3) H 4) U 5) U 6) H 7) U 8) U 9) H 10) U 11) H 12) H13) U 14) H 15) H 16) H 17) H 18) U 19) H 20) H
2). Put the number of the sentence in the heart.
5 8 10
9 3 6
7 12 2
4 1 11
VI. Insert. Fill in the chart.

What I have known
What I didn’t know
What I’d like to know?

- Too little food makes you thin
- Too much food makes you fat
- The wrong food makes you ill
- The right food keeps you well.
VII. Getting up the home task: p. 83 retelling - student’s book. p. 74 - work book
VIII. Evaluating.
- Thank you very much! Pupils complete the list of marking.
So, we have talked about healthy eating and health habits, and about what people should or shouldn’t do to be healthy.
You have worked very well today. I’m satisfied with your work. The lesson is over. Good - bye!
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I want to be healthy
I want to be healthy
To reinforce pupils knowledge about Health. To explain the importance of Healthy lifestyle. To develop pupils reading, speaking and thinking skills in maintaining and defining basic rules of a healthy lifestyle.
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