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We are pirates

05 ақпан 2014, Сәрсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
3 сынып
The Theme: We are pirates
Skills: Vocabulary and speaking
a. Educational:
- To use active vocabulary in oral speech
- Introduction of new words
- To improve speaking confidence
b. Practical:
- To develop children’s memory by repeating some difficult words for children
- To develop and practice speaking skills
- To develop children’s activity on the lesson
c. Cultural:
- To develop children’s interest in learning English
Grammar Structures:
- Questions: “What colour is it?”;
- Adjectives.
Inter - subject connection: practice of speech, practical grammar.
Type of lesson: mixed.
Methods of teaching: demonstration, exercises, instruction, practice.
The equipment of the lesson:
Visual aids: Cards, pictures, text - book, whiteboard, Presentation.
Duration of the lesson: 45.

I Organization moment
- Good morning pupils
- Good morning teacher

- How are you?
- Fine thank you
Sit down, please!
I'm glad to see you.
- Who is on duty today
- Who is absent

- What date today?
The 29 th of January
- What was the weather like today?
- Act. Book
- Ex5. page 23
- Act. Book

• We are good pirates,
• We aren’t bed pirates
• They are bad pirates,
• They aren’t good pirates
• We’re = we are
• They’re= they are
• Aren’t= are not
• We are good friends
”Verb to be am/is/ are.
Bertie _____ my friend. He____ a teacher.
I___ in my room. ____I a pupil? Yes I__
_____Nora and Brill friends? Yes. They _____
We ______ pupils. She ____ a teacher.
This ____ a boll. It_____ a yellow.
I give you many colours fish
1 st row - I am 2 nd row - is 3 rd row are
New words
pink -[pιŋk] – қызғылт
brown -[braun] – қоңыр
grey -[grei] – сұр
purple -[‘pә: pl] – күлгін
orange -[‘Ɔrιnʤ] – сарғылт
black [blæk] – қара
white [waιt] – Ақ
I give many colours fish, you must fishing a fish

Rainbow song
- What did we talk today about? Did you like today's lesson? What did you like?
- As for the marks, I'll give a....
- Our lesson is over. Good bye!

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Hello. Hello, Nico!
Hello. Hello, Nico!
Presentation of the lesson “Hello. Hello, Nico!”, to train new words, to teach the children how listen to the CD, to teach the names of Anna, Bella, Eddie, Lee, Mrs. Pop.
Educational aim: Introduction of the grammar material: there is. Vocabulary: attic, bedroom, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden. Make up word combinations and sentences with the new words: to educate their oral speech by doing exercises:
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
Coulours spelling
Coulours spelling
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
Special people
Special people
To talk about the main special peoples
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