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Places in a town

10 қаңтар 2015, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Plan of the lesson
Grade: 5
Theme: Places in a town
Aim: talk about names of places and things you can do in your town using the modal verb “can”, develop the logical and critical thinking fluency in learning 63% of the new material. Widen the vocabulary and informative competency. Motivate and get interested in learning the new material well by a successful person.
Objectives: keep in following the time limits of the technological map.
Aids: an interactive board, tasks, papers with the text, video “Astana is my city”.

Lesson procedure
I. Org. moment.
• Greeting.
• Present the aim the lesson and the stages of the lesson according to “Spoken language - 1”
Be attentive and try to gain your time!
9 students must get 4 - 5 “+” marks in order to get 63 %.
• Leader’s motivating words

II. Counter questions. Questions to the materials of previous theme.
Check the knowledge of the previous theme by the matrix of student’s seats.
• Match A with B

III. Key words
• Work with the 7 new words.
1. shopping centre - You can go to a lot of different shops here - сауда орталығы
2. Internet café - You can have a drink here and write an email - ғаламтор кафесі
3. Surf (the Net) - use the Internet - ғаламторды шолу
4. go for a walk - серуендеу
5. go bowling - play a game in which players roll heavy balls along a special track towards a group of pins - боулингке бару
6. sports centre - You can swim and play basketball here - спорт орталығы
7. aquarium - You can watch fish here - аквариум
• Students:
- write the new words in their copybooks and memorize them in 30 seconds
- write the hidden words on the paper in 30 seconds
- change the paper with a partner and check each other
Students who have 6 - 7 words get “+” mark.

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