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I want to visit Washington D. C. The Present Perfect Tense

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Grade: 6 V
The theme: I want to visit Washington D. C. The Present Perfect Tense
The aims: 1. to explain the Present Perfect Tense.
2. to improve the pupil’s skills in speaking and writing.
3. to develop pupil’s interest to English.
The type of the lesson: a new lesson
Visual aids: slide, pictures, cards.
The procedure of the lesson

I. The organization moment:
• What season is it now?
• What month is it now?
• What date is it today?
• What day is it today?
• What is the weather like today?

II. Statement of purpose of the lesson.
Let’s begin our lesson. Today we shall speak about grammar, The Present Perfect Tense, do exercises, speak, ask and answer the questions. First of all, come to me, take the colors blue and red, then divide into two groups. Who takes the color red sit down on the first row.

III. Checking up the home task.
- What was your home task for today? Ex 4 at page 118

IV. Warm up.
So, let’s start our lesson. Now you have to work on team. This team will be team A and that team will be team B. As you know English verbs are dividing to two groups it’s irregular verbs and regular verbs. Now I will give you some verbs to find past participle.

Look Looked Invite Invited Blow Blown Learn Learnt Take Took
Paint Painted Study Studied Drive Driven Meet Met Win Won
Call Called Steal Stolen Begin Begun Hold Held Sing Sung Write Written

V. Explanation of the new theme:
I am going to explain you a new lesson. As we know we have just fixed up construction to be going to.
Well, look at the b/d Write the date today and our new theme I want to visit Washington D. C. (District of Columbia)
So, let continue work with irregular verbs on the board some verbs with missing letter

The theme of our lesson is ”The Present Perfect Tense” ( өткен шақ)
have, has + Past Participle (V3)
She has arrived to Almaty.
I have been to China.

Болымды түрі
We have arrived to Almaty
She has arrived to Almaty
Болымсыз түрі
We have not arrived to Almaty
She has not arrived to Almaty
Never, yet, already, just

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