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Short content of the lesson “Education of Kazakhstan”

Short content of the lesson “Education of Kazakhstan”
The aims:
1. to introduce students to the new words on the new lexical material; to enrich students’ knowledge concerning the theme, to teach to give general understanding of the new text using the different forms of the work on the text; to teach to define the grammar forms of Gerunds.
2. to develop students abilities’ in reading for understanding; to develop students’ interest in learning the languages; to teach students to be attentive to each other; to develop communication, cooperative and team work skills.

3. to consolidate the use of Present and Perfect Tenses in the oral speech; to revise the lexical material, using the project works.
The equipment of the lesson: cards, a text for reading, grammar tables, diagrams, computer.
Type of the lesson: mixed

I. Organization moment:
1. Greeting.
2. What proverbs and sayings about education do you know?
Let’s read some of them from the screen.
Today we shall work on the new lexical theme: “The Education of Kazakhstan” and on the new grammar “Gerund”.
But at first I want to check the Home work.

II. Checking up the home work:
A. Grammar. The Rule. The Present Perfect Tense.(P. 571 from Н. А. Бонк, Г. А. Котий, Н. А. Лукьянова « Учебник английского языка»)
- How many parts does the Present Perfect Tense consist of?
- When is the Present Perfect Tense used?
- Is the Present Perfect Tense used for an action that is just finished?
Is it used when we are thinking more of the Present result(“up to now”) than about the Past action?
Give your examples! Use the vocabulary from the topic”The political system of Kazakhstan”.
B. Grammar. The Rule. The Past Perfect Tense. P. 628.
- How is the Past Perfect Tense formed by?
- When is the Past Perfect used?
- Is it used to show that one action took place before another action in the Past?
C. Consolidation of the Grammar: Grammar task(the work in teams): making up the general questions and trying to answer them positive and negative.
D. ”The political system of Kazakhstan”. To be able to tell on the theme using the diagrams. The work in teams.
E. «Complete the sentences and answer the question”What political events were held in our country recently?”»
F. «Which of the statements are true and false?» The work in teams.

III. The work on the new lexical material ”Education of Kazakhstan”:
A. Presentation of the new words.
B. General understanding of the new text: Each team answers the questions from the text.

IV. The work of the new Grammar “The Gerund”.
V. H/w and marks.

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