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What are these?

14 қараша 2014, Жұма
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The open lesson
Grade 2
The theme of the lesson What are these?
The aim of the lesson: Lexico - grammatical structure: “What is this?” and its plural form –“What are these?”

Grammar to be covered:
1. Demonstrative pronouns “this, these”
3. Using of indefinite articles a, an.
Visual aids: projector, cards, books, posters
Resources used: Internet resources

The procedure of the lesson:
I) Organization moment
1) Greeting
- Good morning children!
- Good morning teacher!
- How are you?
- We are fine thank you!
- Thank you, sit down please!

2) Speech drill
- What season is it now?
- What month is it now?
- What day is it today?
- What date is it today?

4) Phonetic drill:
- Children repeat after me the next words
Mother, father, brother, they, with, this
4. Warm up: A wheel game for revision of THIS THAT - жақындағы/алыстағы заттар
Power Point Presentation

5) Checking up the home task
- Let's check your home task
- What was your home task today?
a) Exercise 2 and 3
b) Learn the new words by heart
a toy - ойыншық
a car - машина
a kite - батпырауық
a doll - қуыршақ
a robot - робот
a ball - доп

III) New lesson
Presentation of This is a………. These are….
Our today's theme is «What are these?».
- Open you books at page 50 and 51
Track 40 Exercise 1 Listen and remember
What’s this? It’s a computer.
What’s this? It’s a schoolbag.
What’s this? It’s a map..
What are these? They are CDs.
What are these? They are rulers.
What are these? They are posters
Exercise 2. Look at the picture
Exercise 3. Point, ask and answer!
Exercise 4. Look at the picture. Count and say.
Five pens four erasers
Six pencils three rulers
Exercise 5. Put «a» or «an»
A book, a computer, a ruler, a pen, an apple, a chair, an eraser, a pencil, a desk

IV) Consolidation
- Open your work books at page 46
Exercise 1. Write the missing words
It’s ------- They are -------- are these --------- is this
What are these? They are books.
What is this? It’s a schoolbag.
What are these? They are rulers.
What is this? It’s a pencil.

VI) Physical training
VII. Giving homework
Workbook Ex. 2and 3 p 46 - 47
VIII. Conclusion
VI) Pair work –“What is this? What are these?
VII) “Who wants to win million?”- An intellectual game with power point presentation.
IX. Evaluation of pupils work.
X. Reflection
- What have you learnt today?
- Did you like our lesson?

I liked the lesson
I have problems in understanding
Well done! Thank you for your excellent work. You were active, attentive and friendly. The lesson is over! Good - bye! You are free.
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