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My flat

26 сәуір 2014, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The theme of the lesson: My flat
The aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce new words and expressions on the theme;
2. to develop speaking skills on the theme, to teach to work creatively.
3. to enlarge the knowledge and lexical material.
Methods: class work, game, group work, pair work
Visual aids: book, colored picture, interactive board
The Procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment: Greeting.
T. Good morning, children!
P1. Good morning, good morning!
Good morning to you!
Good morning, good morning!
We are glad to see you!
T. I’m glad to see you too. I hope you are fine. Today we shall revise the words connecting with the theme ‘’ My flat’’.
II. Checking home assignment
T. Your home task was to learn new words and to write some sentences using the structure there is/ are. But first of all, let’s remember when we use structure there is/ are?
St: We use the structure there is if we speak about a thing in a singular form. For example, There is a vase on the table.
T. When we use the structure there are?
St: We use the structure there are if we speak about a thing in a plural form. For example, There are chairs in the room.
T. all right, thank you.
Doing the grammar exercise using the programme

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