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How do you get to school?

23 қараша 2014, Жексенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
The theme: How do you get to school?
The aim:
1. To practice using the words on theme.
2. To practice describing and activity vocabulary.
3. Enlarge points of view and enable them to talk each other in English.
4. To develop pupils` skills and habits in speaking and their activness at the lesson.
I. Greeting
Greeting pupils, checking their readiness, talking about the weather, the day, the date etc.

II. Phonetic drills:
If two witches would watch two watches,
which witch would watch which watch?

III. Checking up home work
Exercise 7 page 117.
Asking Active Vocabulary.

IV. Presentation.

Position of adverbs
Never Always Often Usually Rarely Sometimes
I never travel by underground to school.
He is always late to school.
I usually take a bus to go home.
We always go to France in spring.
They are rarely at the seaside in summer.

V. Practice.
Exercise 1. Listen and read
A: Where is your school? B: It` s not very far.
A: How do you get there? B: Never by car!
A: We sometimes walk. B: And we sometimes run.
A: And we sometimes catch bus 21.
B: And sometimes in summer time.
We roller skate!
A: That` s really fine!

Put the adverbs into the correct place
1. He eats chocolates. Rarely
2. I can understand him. Always
3. We are at home on Sunday evenings. Usually
4. I go to a disco with my friends. Sometimes
5. My brother drinks coffee. Never
6. Paul doesn’t come to see us. Often

Hitch - hiking is when you get free rides from automobile drivers and walk between rides.

Exercise 9. Read the text.

Hitch - hiking is very popular with young people. Young people like to get free lifts from drivers of cars, lorries, etc. Hitch – hiking was once cheap and friendly way to travel. It was also romantic, interesting and … free! But now hitch – hiking is quite dangerous. We often hear or read that drivers attack or murder hitch – hikers. There are also hitch – hikers who rob drivers. Because of this some countries don’t allow people to hitch – hike.
Exercise 10. Fill in the gaps. Hitch - hiking, to hitch - hike, or hitch - hiker?
1. Do you want ______ with me?
2. ________ is dangerous nowadays.
3. My brother is a ____________.
4. My father gave a lift to three_______.
5. Our group decided ___________.
6. Young people think that _______ is very interesting.
Exercise 12. True or false?

a) Hitch - hiking was the cheapest way to travel in the past.
b) It is safe and friendly now.
c) Hitch - hiking is dangerous only for hitch - hikers.
d) Some countries don` t allow people to hitch - hike.
VI. Home task

1. to make some sentences using the new words and grammar.
2. reading the text and the dialogue.
3. learn the new words.
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School rules
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How do you get to school?
How do you get to school?
Aims of the lesson: a) To give pupils some information about the types of transport and adverbs of frequency, like, usually, always, never, sometimes, often, rarely.
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