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My room

21 наурыз 2015, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Form: 2
Theme: My room
1. Educational: to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech.
2. Practical: to control speaking skills of the theme: ”My room”
3. Developing: to continue the development of logic thinking, memory, independence, to improve the experience of speaking skills, to develop the intellect and cognitive capacities.
The methods of teaching:
1. Practical
2. Reproductive
3. Visual
Types of teaching:
1. Work at lexica
2. Work at grammar
3. Work at pronunciation
4. Answer - question work

Visual aids:
interactive blackboard, a picture

Plan of the lesson:
I. Greeting. Organization moment
I’ m glad to see you. There is the bell and we can begin our lesson. I will be a very interesting lesson. Be attentive, please! Now tell me, please.
- Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent today?
- What date is it today?
- Today is the 11th of March.
- What season is it now?
- It is spring now.
- What month is it now?
- It is March.
- What day is it today?
- It is Wednesday

II. Checking up of the home task.
Now pupils, what was your home task for today’s lesson?
Okay, now let’s check up your home task.
So, boys and girls your home task was ex - at page
Who wants to read and to be the first? Ok 1st sentence please__
Who wants to answer it?
Thank you, who wants to continue?
Okay, thanks. Sit down, please

III. Warm – up
The game “ Missing vowels” (Дауысты дыбыстардың орнын толтыр)

IV. Introduction of the new theme.
Boys and girls please write down today’s date. Open your books at page 54. Our new theme is “My room”. What rooms of a flat do you know? Please, name the rooms.
A living room
A bed room
A kitchen
A bathroom
A dining room
Today we will talk about your favourite room in your flat. It’s your own room.

Look at the picture.

My room
- Welcome to my room. This is my bedroom. Look. This is my bed. It’s on the right. This is my desk. It’s on the left. This is my shelf. It’s above my desk. Do you like my room?

V. New words.
Also we have new words for today’s lesson. So we know that every flat has rooms, and in every room we have things, today also we will describe position of objects in a room.

sofa - диван
window - терезе
chair - орындық
picture - сурет
near – қатарында, жанында
on the left – сол жағында
on the right – оң жағында
above - жоғарыда, үстінде

Ex: 2. Choose: Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t
Yes, they are / No, they aren’t
1. The red cars are on the right.
2. The yellow cars are on the right.
3. The kite is above the desk.
4. The robot is near the window.
5. The shelf is above the desk.
6. The lamp is on the right.
7. The computer is on the left.
8. The shelf is above the bed.


Зат есімнің жекеше түрі:
Where is the ball? It’s on the left
Зат есімнің көпше түрі:
Where are the balls? They are near the bed.

Ex: 4. Answer the questions.
1. Where is the ball?
2. Where are the pictures?
3. Where is the chair?
4. Where is the chair?

VII. Doing exercises:

Ex: 2 Finish the sentences with is or are.
The door ___ on the right.
The chairs ____ near the table.
The TV ____ near the window.
The pictures ____ above the sofa.

Ex: 3 Read and circle.
The chairs are on the right. Circle them.
The train is near the chair. Circle it.
The pictures are on the desk. Circle them.
The yellow flowers are on the left. Circle them.

VIII. Let’s have a rest.
Hands up! Clap! Clap! Clap!
Hands down! Shake! Shake! Shake!
Hands on hips! Jump! Jump! Jump!
Hop! Hop! Hop! Stand still!
- Very good! Sit down, please.

IX. Conclusion.
Match the English equivalents of the words in right order
a sofa сурет, картина
a window орындық
a picture үстел
a table диван
a door терезе
а chair гүл
а flower теледидар
a TV есік

X. Giving the home task.
Open your diaries and write down your home task for the next lesson. It is to learn all new words and ex - 5, 6 at page 51 (WC) to draw your room, describe it and write.
XI. Your marks for today’s lesson are… Fine fellow, bravo! Well done, good for you!
Our lesson is over. Good bye!
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Educational aim: Introduction of the grammar material: there is. Vocabulary: attic, bedroom, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden. Make up word combinations and sentences with the new words: to educate their oral speech by doing exercises:
My room
My room
Қызылорда облысы, Қазалы ауданы, Басықара ауылы, №182 мектептің ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Нұрмағанбетова Жанар Мейрімжанқызы
Батыс Қазақстан облысы, Темір ауданы Кеңқияқ орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Жайнакова Динара Дуйсенбаевна
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
Coulours spelling
Coulours spelling
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
to continue the development of speaking and reading skills and understanding English speech. to control speaking skills of the theme:”Invitation”
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