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12 желтоқсан 2015, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Form: 6 “b”
Theme: Step four. Sightseeings.
Method: Venn’s diagram, question – answer, reading, work in group.
Lesson: № 7
The aims:
1) To introduce pupils’ with sights of Astana and London.
2) To enrich the pupils’ knowledge of new words, to improve pronunciation and to develop oral speech.
3) To educate pupils’ to love the beauty of London and be proud of the beauty of their native town and care for their culture.
Visual aids: active board, pictures.

The procedure of the lesson.
I. Organization moment:
1) Greeting.
2) Checking up attendance. – Who is on duty today?
- Who is absent?
- What date is it today?
- What day is it today?
- Thank you. Sit down!
II. Phonetic drill.
Let’s begin our lesson with a phonetic drill. Our phonetic drill is song “Pussy - cat”. Repeat after me all together.
Pussy – cat, pussy – cat, where have you been?
I’ve been to London to look at the Queen.
Pussy – cat, pussy – cat, what did you do there?
I frighten a little mouse under a chair.
III. Checking up home tasks:
- Your home task for today was to learn the new words. Are you ready for the home task? Who want’s to be a first?

IV. New theme: Sights of Astana and London.
Our new theme for today is “Sights of Astana and London”. Now let’s begin our lesson. Look at the active board: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, Korkyt – Ata monument, Baiterek, river Esil, President of Kazakstan.

V. Reading.
Exercise – 7. Work to groups.
Group A. Read about London.
Group B. Read about Astana.

VI. Comprehension check.
Exercise 8 and 9. Find a partner from the other group. Tell your partner about your text usisng your answers.

1) What are the popular buildings?
2) What is the name of its river?
3) What is it Famous for?
4) What problems does it have?
5) How many people live there?
6) Is it a centre for tourism?

Exercise – 10. Ask your parter about new words.

VII. Doing exercises.
Exercise – 11. Compare the two cities. Venn’s diagram.
● London
It has a population of over 6 million people.
London is an old city.
London has an underground.
London is famous for St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben
● Both
They are both capital cities.
They both have problems with traffic.
Both cities are crowded and noisy.
● Astana
It has a population of over six hundred people.
Astana is a modern city.
Astana doesn’t have an underground.
Astana is famous for Baiterek, the Circus, the Duman Centre.

Exercise - 12. Complete the sentenses with the words from the texts.
a) There’s no underground in Astana. The main transport is buses.
b) I don’t want to live in the centre because it’s noisy and crowded.
c) Some years ago Almaty was famous for its apples.
d) There aren’t many historic buildings in Almaty.
e) My parents moved from the town to the village because of traffic and polluation.
f) The streets in Almaty aren’t very wide.
g) Paris is a centre for tourism.
h) Madrid is the capital of Spain.
i) Big Ben is a famous clock.
j) Our town has a population of over eight thousand people.

VIII. Giving hometask.
- Check up your homework!
Exercise – 13. Write about your city / town / village at home.

IX. Giving marks.
- Today you are very activity.

X. The end of the lesson.
- The lesson is over! You are free! Good bye!
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Trains. Travelling
Trains. Travelling
to enrich students knowledge about Astana and London
The fauna of Kazakhstan
The fauna of Kazakhstan
to enrich pupils’ knowledge about living world, animals
Educational aim: Introduction of the grammar material: there is. Vocabulary: attic, bedroom, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden. Make up word combinations and sentences with the new words: to educate their oral speech by doing exercises:
Trains. Travelling
Trains. Travelling
Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы, Түлкібас ауданы, Б. Момышұлы атындағы жалпы орта мектебінің ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі Үргенішбаева Гүлзат Нәбиқызы
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
When is your birthday? (Когда - ваш день рождения)
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
Coulours spelling
Coulours spelling
Маңғыстау облысы, Маңғыстау ауданы, Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі Куатова Гүлжайна
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