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Winter Fairy Forest

20 наурыз 2013, Сәрсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Winter Fairy Forest
Мақсаты: Әр түрлі өлеңдер айту, көріністерде ойнау арқылы оқушылардың ағылшын тілін оқуға деген қызығушылығын арттыру.
Көрнекілігі: Қысқы орман көрінісі, ойыншықтар, орман кейіпкерлері, сиқырлы шырша, сиқырлы қорап.
Іс - шара түрі: Кластан тыс мереке
Қатысушылар: Compere, the Queen of the Forest, Winter Fairy, the Fox, the Hedgehog, the squirrel, the Hares, the Bear, Snowflakes, the Pigs, the Wolf, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka, Snowmaiden, Clown, Magician, Musician and etc.

Мерекенің барысы:
Compere: Good morning, dear guests and children! We are glad to greet you here! We know that you like winter forest and those who live in it. But today you’ll visit the Fairy Kingdom and meet Her Majesty Queen of the Winter Forest. Somebody wiil help us. How do you think, who is that?
When she comes
It becomes cold
Everything becomes white
All lakes and over
Are covered with ice
Snowflakes: It is winter.
(Сахнаға қыс шығады)

Winter Fairy: Good morning, children! Good morning, guests! You are welcome to the Kingdom of Winter Forest. It is very nice in winter in forest. Trees are dressed in white. It is silently. You can meet here all of the animals. How beautiful is the Winter Forest picture!
Compere: Not so many people can see Her Majesty Queen of the Winter Forest. And you will meet her. She is not an old lady, she is very young and gay.
(Сахнаға орман ханшасы шығады)

The Queen: Good morning, good morning! Glad to see you. You are welcome to my Kingdom! There is silence and peace in my Kingdom! But my friends are fond of holidays. Let’s call them. Guess, please. Who are my friens?
She is red
With red bushy tail
She is cunning
Who is it? (a fox)
The Fox: Good morning, glad to see everybody!
The Queen: He is very kind, hard working!
He is covered with needles
Do you hear him, who is it? (a hedgehog)
The Hedgehog: Hello, everybody! Am I late?
The Queen: No, you are not late! Please, you are welcome!
It is not a bird in a tree
It is a small animal
It has warm fir - coat
Who is it? (a squirrel)
The Squirrel: hello! I am very glad to see you here in our winter forest. Our holiday should be very gay.
The hedgehog: Somebody is very cold. Soon I think it will be warm, and even very hot.
The Fox: Somebody thinks it’s boring. I hope it will be very gay.
(Өлең “The animals walk two by two”)
The Queen: Thank you, dear friends! I see that you are not afraid of the frost.
The Sqirrel: Let’s play a game. Look at me I have got many balloons. Each ballon has its own task. You should choose the balloon and do the task.
Tasks: 1. Name six countries
2. Name seven colours
3. Say a poem in English
4. Sing a song in English
5. Name six fruits
6. Say the days of the week

The Hedgehog: And I want to listen to the poems about winter, winter forest
(Қарша қыздар қыс туралы тақпақтар айтады, соңынан билейді)
The Fox: If somebody knows songs about winter. Please, sing!
(Өлең “It’s cold song”)
(Айналып, музыканың сүйемелдеуімен сиқыршы кіреді)
Magician: Where am I?
Winter Fairy: you are in winter forest.
Magician: What are you doing here?
The Queen: We are having a holiday. You are welcome to our party.
Magician: Thank you. I have a surprise for you! It is a magic tree, there are a lot of sweets in the tree all year round. We have such big sweets. They are not simple. If you want to eat the sweets, you should guess the riddles. Who wants to eat the sweets?
Riddles: 1. I come with cold and snow
But you like me, I know. (winter)

2. In winter and in summer
It stands in one colour, what is it? (fir - tree)
3. The little old woman, who has twelve children: some short, some long
some cold, some hot? What is it? (a year)
4. What has feet, but cannot run? (a chair)
5. What goes up and never goes down? (year age)
6. He comes at night
Then does his job
And goes away. (father frost)
7. It is a wild animal
It is big and brown
He likes honey, what is it? (a bear)
8. I have cities with no houses
Forests without trees
Rivers without water
What am I? (a map)
The Queen: Thank you, magician. Are there a lot of sweets in your bag?
Magician: Yes, of course.
The Queen: Now, let’s play anew game. Friends, please, come here. Take these snowflakes and you should blow these snowflakes
-- Oh, you are a winner! It is your prize, take it please.
Compere: Thank you, Queen of Winter Forest. Today I’d like to invite here my best friends, try to guess his name. Today is his birthday. He is big, long, dark green and funny. He is a crocodile but he is very kind. He can sing and has many friends. Cheburashka is one of them. Tell me, what is his name?
Snowflakes: Crocodile Gena.
Crocodile Gena: hello, friends! I am glad that you’ve come to my birthday. Do you like cakes?
(Өлең: Deliciuous”)
- Thank you, friends, I also like to sing songs. Let’s sing together
I am playing my garmoshka
For all passers - by to hear.
It’s a pity
I’ve a birthday
Only once a year.
(үрейлі әуен естіледі, қорқып қалған қоян жүгіріп кіреді)
Winter Fairy: Dear Hare! What’s the matter? What has happened with you?
(қоян тоқтайды да, қорқыныштан сөйлей алмайды)
The Queen: Probably, you the Fox, frightened the Hare?
The Fox: I saw him only yesterday! No!
The Hare: No, it is not the Fox!
Winter Fairy: Then who? Is there a wolf in our forest?
The Hare: No! But there is a monster.
The Queen, Winter Fairy: A monster?!
The Hare: Yes, of course. It is very big and dangerous!
The Queen: You are mistaken, my dear! Where is the monster in our forest? Probably, it’s your dream?
The Hare: A dream? Do you hear?
(аюдың ақырғаны естіледі, ашулы аю кіреді. Қоян қорыққанынан жүргізушінің артына тығылады)
Compere: This is a bear. And you thought it was a monster!
The Hare: All bears are sleeping now! And he is running in the forest.
Compere: He needs our help! Somebody has awaken him, and he can’t fall asleep.
Winter Fairy: We should help him! But how to do it?
Compere: And we’ll ask our friends! Who knows how to help our bear?
The animals: To sing a song.

(өлең “Fir - tree”)
(Сахнаның артынан көңілді ән естіледі)
We are happy little pigs
Little pigs, little pigs
La - la - la - la - lo! (2 рет)
Winter Fairy: Can you hear this merry song? Who is singing it?
Pigs: We are happy little pigs
Little pigs, little pigs
La - la - la - la - lo! (2 рет)
Niff - Niff: I’m rosy and fat
I’m not quick
It’s not so bad
To be a pig
I have no grief
I am never sad.
My name is Niff - Niff
Remember that.
Nuff - Nuff, Snuff - Snuff: We are dancing all day long
We like to sing
Have heard a merry song?
It’s just a thing!
(Қасқыр жүгіріп кіреді) I’m hungry!
Pigs: Who is afraid of big bad wolf
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
Who’s afraid of big bad wolf
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
La - la - la - la - lo!
We are not afraid of big bad wolf
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
We are not afraid of big bad wolf
La - la - la - la - lo!
Winter Fairy: Dear friends, listen to me! What is the name of this year?

Pigs: Ours!!!
Clown: (Велосипедпен айналып, өлең айтып шығады) Hello, everybody! Hello!!!
I’m a jolly little clown
I can smile and I can frown
I can drop my jaw far down
Can you be a jolly clown?
Can you smile and can you frown?
Can you drop and jaw far down?
- Why haven’t you invites me to your party?
Winter Fairy: Oh, dear, excuse me. We think that you know about the party.
Clown: I have a big box. What do you think, what’s in the box?
Knock, knock, knock
What is in the box?
1, 2, 3
Open the box.

(өлең айтады, қораптың ішінен Мальвина, Буратино, піл және Ақшақар, музыкант шығады)
Elephant: “Look my big ears”
Snowmaiden: How beautiful is here. And you my friends: musician, the Elephant, Clown, the Squirrel, the Fox, the Hare and etc. I see that you are merry, you are gay.
- Do you like to play?
- Do you know the game: and me”?
- Now, say together loudly “and me”
- OK, let’s play. Be attentive now.
- I like to eat sweets
- I like to eat cakes
- I like to eat apples
- I like to eat frogs
- I’m skiing in winter
- I’m skating in winter
- I am swimming in winter
- I am sledging in winter
- I like tp play hockey in winter
- I like to play football in winter
- I see that you like to play. Here is your prize. How interesting with you. I want to dance and sing. I’m very happy with you today. Let’s sing a song.
Musician: I am a musician.
Compere: Dear guests! We hope our party was successful. The actors performed perfectly. We had a lot of fun and were gay. And now we’ll say “Good bye”.
“Good luck and see you soon” өлеңі айтылады.
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