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Kind of occupations

Grade - 10
The theme of the lesson – Kind of occupations
Bringing – up: To bring up pupils to get more information about jobs, to enable pupils choosing future jobs
Educational: to remember some words about professions, to give information about professions; to revise previously taught vocabulary and grammar materials, to create a relaxed, non - threatening atmosphere in the classroom
Developing: to develop listening, reading, writing, speaking skills and their critical thinking,
Type of the lesson: mixed lesson
Methods of the lesson: Critical Thinking by Reading and Writing
Visual aids: Active Board, a computer, an electronic book, stickers (presentations and flipcharts)

Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
II. Warm - up
Checking – up home task Speaking about future job
T: Ok, I listen to you not interrupting your words. It is your dream. May your dreams come true, We will be so very glad if you become an useful citizen for our Motherland Why do you choose profession? There is an important thing in a job. What is this?
1. Getting good pay
2. being responsible
3. contacting people
4. having good holiday
5. interesting traing abroad
6. having ideas
7. Travelling
8. short working hours
9. working with nice people

III. Presentation of the new lesson «Kind of occupations»
T: Nowadays there is the division into 5 kinds of professions. The subject of the first is “person or man”. That why it is called “Man - man”. These are: doctors, teachers, sellers, tutors, nurses and etc.
The second kind is “Man - Technology”. They are drivers, mechanic, machine drivers, engineers.
The third kind of professions is “Man – The Sign system”. It includes professions which are closely connected with texts, numbers, formulas, tables and drawings. These are: translators, librarians, programmers, architects. book – keeper and etc.
The fourth kind of professions is “Man – The Artistic image”. It consists of professions which are connected with the creation and modeling of different beautiful things. These are: artists(painters), journalists, composers, actors, designers, singers, dancers and etc.
The fifth kind of professions is “Man - Nature”. It consists of professions which are connected with studying of the alive and the lifeless nature. These are: geologists, agronomists, animal technicians, veterinary surgeons and etc.
Now, friends, you know that choosing a profession is a topical problem., it’s one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Find the right career and you will be happy and successful. Find the wrong career and you may be unhappy and unsuccessful.
The game “Understand me”. One pupil comes up to the table and takes out one card. There is a profession in the card, you must explain it with gestures and you must say what profession it is.

V. Grammar. Participles 1. The present participle is the fourth main form of the verb. to play - playing
The present participle is used:
1. to form all continuous tenses:
I am(was, will be, will have been) studing
For example: The boy playing in the street is my friend.
Осы шақ есімшесі қазақ тілінде көсемше жұрнағы арқылы жасалады.
- ып,- іп,- п жұрнағы арқылы жасалады.
Далада ойнап жүрген бала менің досым..
Бір сөйлемдегі екі іс - әрекет бір мезгілде болған жағдайда бір етістік – ing формасында қолданылады. Негізгі іс - әрекет сөйлемнің басында келеді.
2. When two things happen at the same time, you can use an - ing clause.
Kate is in the kitchen making coffee.(She is in the kitchen and she is making coffee) A man ran out of the house shouting. (he ran out of the house and he was shouting).
We also use – ing when one action happens during another action. We use – ing for the longer action:
Joe hurt his knee playing football.(=while he was playing)
Did you cut yourself shaving?(=while you were shaving)
1. She was lying on the bed. She was reading a book.
She was _reading a book lying on the bed
2. He was standing in the corridor. He was smoking.
He was smoking standing in the corridor.
In these sentences one thing happens during another. Ainur was watching television. She felt asleep.
She was doing shopping. She lost her money.
She lost her money doing shopping.
Here the conversation between a twelve - year - old servant’s father and brother.
Read it in pairs.
In the underlined sentences the - ing form used after the object.

VI Giving home task Find out the most important things in every job
VII Giving marks

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