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Kazakh beliefs

Тhe theme of the lesson: Kazakh beliefs
The aim of the lesson:
Educational: to consolidate lexical stock, to encourage students in dialogue and to express their opinions, to enrich students vocabulary.
Developing: to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills.
Bringing - up: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

Connection: Kazakh, history
The type of the lesson: presentation, integrative
Methods of teaching: training, explanation, demonstration, interaction
Visual aids: slides, placards, markers, a computer, an interactive board, pictures.

The plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment
II. Check up the home - work
III. Phonetic drill
IV. Presentation the theme “Kazakh beliefs”
V. New lexical
VI. Check yourself
VII. Do some activities
VIII. Grammar: modal verbs
IX. Conclusion
X. Home – work
I. Organization moment

Teacher: Good morning dear pupils and guests! Glad to see you! Today we are going to speak about beliefs and traditions in Great Britain and in Kazakhstan. I hope you you’ll enjoy our English lesson. Please, be active and friendly to each other.
Every nation and every country has its own traditions and beliefs. In Great Britain and in Kazakhstan traditions play very important role in the life of people.

II. Check up the home - work
- What was your home task for today?
- Your home task was to read and to translate the British beliefs. Are you ready?-
- Who wants to answer?
And now let’s read about beliefs in Great Britain and then you’ll answer my questions and do some tasks.
Look at the interactive board. Lets answer to the some questions:
What British beliefs do you know?
What belief can you say about the salt?
What’s wrong if you put shoes on the table?
What you must do if you forgotten something before journey?
Do you believe in beliefs?
III. Phonetic drill
“So many countries, so many customs”
- It is English proverb. Can you translate and find Kazakh equivalent of this proverb?
Reading the proverb.

IV. Presentation the theme “Kazakh beliefs”
Today the theme of our lesson is “Kazakh beliefs”. What is the Kazakh for
“Kazakh beliefs”? What can you say about Kazakh beliefs? Do you belief in them? Do you know Kazakh beliefs?

V. New lexical
Teachers reading, repeating and pupils reading
At first lets take some new words:
Belief – сенім
Cauldron – қазан
Spill – төгу
Slip – қолдан шығып кету
Scanty – жеткіліксіз
Omen – белгі
Horse mane – аттың жалы
Trim – кесу, тегістеу
Mourning – қайғылы
Destiny – тағдыр
Escape – кету, құтылу

V. Check yourself
Reading some Kazakh beliefs, translating.
Lets open your books at page 114 ex 15. You must read and translate the text about Kazakh beliefs. Then try to translate it. At first Ill read it, then you will read it yourselves.
VII Do some activities
You must throw three (pinches) ______of salt over your left shoulder.
You needn’t worry so much about (superstations)_______.
It is bad luck if (a cauldron) _________ slips and falls.
Burnt salt is a bad (omen) ______ for daughters of the household.
I believe a large number of Kazakh (beliefs) _____.
Kazakh girls didn’t (trim) _____ their hair.
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