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Is Sport exiting or dangerous

Форма краткосрочного плана
Предмет: English
Класс: The 9th form
Тема урока: Is Sport exiting or dangerous
Цели урока: To speak about sport to develop pupils skills in reading, writing
Наглядности: Cards, pictures
Ожидаемый результат: Pupils can speak about sport

Мотивационный этап урока 10 мин
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment:
Teacher of English:
- First we have to divide into two groups with the help of pictures choose the picture you like picture with types of sport games or pictures with healthy products

- So good day my dear boys, girls and the guests of our lesson how are you?
- You know that during all previous lessons we were talking about health and sport you know that these two words are closely connected with each other. Both words are very important. What we should do in order to be healthy?
- So let us play a game you have to answer the questions catching this ball
1) A sportsman who plays football?
2) A sport where two men fight in gloves?
3) A person who win the game?
4) Apples, oranges, pears what are they?
5) Tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages what are they?

Операционный этап урока 15 мин
Text for listening:
“Olympic games”
The world’s great international sport games are called the Olympic games. The Idea means friendship among people of the world. The original Olympic games began in ancient Greece These games were held every fourth year in honour of god Zeus. It was held in the place called Olympia. The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens in 1896
What did you understood out of this text? Please interpret it.
- This exercise is called “Keep yourself healthy” you have to make exercise translating the words in English
Cleanness – is the first sign of денсаулық. Fight with шаң. Clean your көйлек, and аяқ киімю Especially let fresh air in your бөлме Remember that күн ауа және су your best friends.

- So thank you now I’m going to give you a little time to make a dialogue
- 1st group Health make a dialogue about Sport and the 2nd group Sport make a dialogue about health
- Here is the magic box with magic statements in it, they can help you to make a dialogue at once. So, be quick!

Учителя: L.S.Bobrova

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