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Kazakhstan is my Motherland

English 10 сынып
Қысқа мерзімді сабақ жоспары
Сабақтың тақырыбы: Kazakhstan is my Motherland.

Сабақтың танымдық мақсаты: To enlarge pupils’ scope of knowledge, to develop pupils’ vocabulary Talking about geography, population of Kazakhstan
Дереккөздер мен жабдықтар: Pictures, cards, coloured pencils

Мотивациялық кезең 10 мин
Procedure of the lesson
I. Organization moment
- Hello to everybody! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What day is it today? What season is it now? What is the weather like today? Is it sunny today?
1. Let us stand in a circle “ The circle of Joy “ and wish each other everything you like! For example you can say I wish you good health.
2. The second period of the lesson is to divide class into groups with the help of
” Schulman’s HEAD, HAND AND HEART” because with our head we always think about our motherland, with our hearts we love our motherland greatly and with our hands we can do everything to make our country beautiful and prosperous
3. Checking home task
The next task is to check up our previous vocabulary our game is called “Association bush” I want to give you the birds here you have to write all your association s connected to the “Kazakhstan”

Операциялық кезең
1. - Today we are going to to speak geography population cities of Kazakhstan. Let us first read the text.
Teacher of Geography: - Speak about Kazakhstan’s geo position 111
2. - Look at the black board here you see
“The dandelion of Bloom”
- one pupil from each group should come here and choose any question you like
a) Simple question - answer what is the capital of KZ?
when KZ took its Independence? How we call Atyrau other way? where is KZ situated? who is the president?
b) Practical question - where can you see in real life the pollution of our country? How to decide this problem of pollution?
c) Clarifying question - clarify the meaning of the words strongly continental, well developed, sovereign, sun framed by the wings of a flying eagle.
d) Interpreting question - why it is called in winter and hot in summer? why the national flag of our country is blue?
e) Evaluating question – give an assessment to the fact that the population of the country is about 17 million people
f) Creative question - If I would be a president….

3. – Now, let us make exercise playing such a game which is called “ Catch a mistake”

1. Pavlodar is a capital of Kazakhstan.
2. Pushkin was a great Kazakh poet.
3. Aktau is a cultural center of Kazakhstan.
4. Astana is an old town in Kazakhstan.
5. Abai is a first cosmonaut of Kazakhstan.

1. Kazakhstan is a small republic.
2. Tohtar Aubakirov is a President of Kazakhstan.
3. Kazakhstan is not independent republic.
4. Ili is the largest river in Kazakhstan.
5. Do you live in Russia?

Рефлексиялық кезең 15 мин
“True or false”
a) The flag of our country is green it symbolizes the nature of our country/
b) Our country borders with Russia, China, Japan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kirgizia.
c) The population of RZ is 27 million people.
d) The people or the country grow bananas wheat corn and cotton.
e) It is often rains in June, July and August.
f) Our republic is situated in Europe.
1. Match the names of the holidays and dates.
1 January • Independence Day
22 March •Constitution Day
8 March • New Year’s Day
9 May • Victory Day
30 August • Woman’s day
25 October • Nauryz
16 December • Republic Day

2. Complete the sentences find the “Fallen words”
3. Making a dialogue
I group in Astana
II group Kazakhstan is my mother land
III group My native village.
4. Make a “ synkwein”.
5. Making a poster “Kazakhstan is my Motherland “
6. – At the end of our lesson let us wish all best things to our motherland

Мұғалім: Людмила Боброва

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