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Our town

16 ақпан 2019, Сенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Үздік ұстаз бәйгесіне
Қатысатын категориясы: ағылшын тілі
Сабақ тақырыбы: Our town

Theme: Our town
Number present: Absent:
Learning objectives
3. W7 spell a growing number of familiar high - frequency words accurately during guided writing activities
3. UE1 use singular nouns, plural nouns – including some common irregular plural forms
use possessive forms ‘s/s’ with proper names and nouns to talk about ownership
3S4 respond to questions on a limited range of general and some curricular topics.
Lesson objectives: All learners will be able to:
- spell the a growing number of familiar high - frequency words correctly
- write the plural nouns
- Use singular and plural forms of nouns
- use possessive pronouns
- answer the questions
Most learners will be able to:
• Make sentences using possessive pronouns
Some learners will be able to:•draw the own fantasy picture of the town and describe it using form ns and possessive pronouns.

Assessment criteria:
- Say the number of familiar high – frequency words
- write singular, plural forms of nouns correctly;
- use possessive pronouns;
-. answer the questions according to topics

Value links: Values of the national idea “MangilikYel”:
Economic growth based on industrialization and innovation
- Labour and creativity, lifelong learning
Cross curricular links: Maths, Geography

Start 7 min
I. Greeting
Watch the video "My town". To find and spell the unfamiliar words and nouns.
2. Teacher asks students to say the words they know about towns.

Show the rules of noun and possessive noun.
Task 1 Put the nouns in the brackets in the plural form.

"Remember my place and things" All learners stand on pictures of place in circle and say their own favourite place, things. Other learners remember and say each others favourite places, things step by step.

Қарағанды облысы, Қарқаралы ауданы,
Теректі ауылы, №30 орта мектептің
ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Куанышбекова Гульнар Маратовна

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