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Foods – Тағамдар

09 наурыз 2014, Жексенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Aim: SWBAT name their favorite foods
1 to practice to learn s to pronounce new words
2 to encourage using like - likes in the sentences.
3 to develop students speaking, writing, reading skills.
Vocabulary: salad, biscuits, ice – cream
Materials: cards, pictures, CD.

Procedure of the class
1 Motivation:
-- Good afternoon! Now let’s begin our English lesson. Before the beginning of the lesson let’s draw your feelings and do psihologic exercise:
- I’m strong! - I can do! - I do! - I’m happy! Let’s divided into groups. Choose your favorite sweets, - Ok! We have divided in to 3 groups:
1 The Greens,
2 The Reds,
3 The Blues.
– Ok! You may take your places (knocked the door)
- Come in please.
- Good afternoon. I’m a postman here is a letter for you!
- Ok thank you! Oh this is from Brill.
- Damir please read the letter; Dear friends: How are you? Today is my birthday party but Rob and Bob have hided Alice’s and Denzel’s clothes, and our chips, pizza, Alice is wearing Red T - shirt white jeans, and trainers. Denzel is wearing yellow jumper and blue jeans and boots. Love Brill
- Oh students let’s help our friend:

1 Students today is Brill’s birthday let’s go to the food – shop.
What is this? It’s a milk, pizza, chicken, rice, salad.

2. Students let’s ask each – other, - what does he - she like?
Damir: - Aliya do you like milk? No I don’t, I like juice.
Akbota: - Gulkhan do you like pizza? – Yes I do
Inzhu: - Erbol do you like ice - cream? – Yes I do.

3. Students – Look! These are magic stars what do they say?
Let’s put the stars on their places:
My name is Alice. I like salad
I don’t like rice.
This is Denzel. He likes chicken. He likes to play football. He doesn’t like milk.

4. Ok! Let’s do what does she - he like?
Alice - she likes salad
Denzil - He likes chicken
Damir likes pizza, Aliya likes ice - cream. Banu likes salad. Diana likes milk.

5. Oh, no here is Rob and Bob. They are coming?
Open your books at page 45 activity 7. - Lets sing – song. Ok Bob and Rob go out!

6. - Are you hungry let’s eat?
I like pizza, ice – cream, apple
I don’t like chips, cheese, salad,

7. Student here is guests lets listen to the dialogue.
- What does she like? Jill likes salad chicken, Ice - cream.
- What does he like? Pete likes pizza, chips, cheese

8. Lets go to the restaurant:
This is a waiter – даяршы ( students will be waiter)
Look! – What are they doing?
Menu 1. Salad Milk Chips
Menu 2. Cake Ice - cream Pizza
Menu 3. Salad Chips Cake

9. Students Let’s look for Brill. He is in the mountain. Let’s climb to the mountain.
- OK! Yes Brill Happy birthday! (students ask questions)

10. - Now draw your feelings.
Before the lesson: belay:
After the lesson: smile:
11. Your home task: exercise 10 p 45 P B is bringing
12. Student Brill is bringing presents for you! Who Thank you bye - bye!
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