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To smoke or not to smoke

12 қараша 2013, Сейсенбі
Категориясы: Ағылшын тілі
Theme: Conference – lesson ’’To smoke or not smoke’’
The aims: 1). To develop pupils hatred to habits smoke;
2). To disguss the smoking;
3). Talking about health living and had habits;
The aids: pictures, books, things.
The plan of the lesson.
Evoluation KKW (БҮҮ), Group strategy.

1. Organization moment.
Sound National anthem.
Teacher: - You` d have to be living on Mars, but not to know that smoking in dangerous.
The poem. The harm of sigar in the smoke,
The mean of health in keeper.
Темекінің зияны түтінінде,
Денсаулықтың мәні күтімінде дегендей бүгінгі: ‘’To smoke or not to smoke’’ тәрбие сағатымызды ашық деп жариялаймыз.
Teacher: Yet, statistics show that young people today smoke more, not less. Why?
Smokers in America sometimes feel as though was has been declared on them. There is no more smoking in offices, restaurants, aeroplanes or most other public places.
- Do you think it is a good idea? Most people think it is?
Teacher: Today is we invitation most people to the our discussion of problems.
(with their interpreter).

P1: I think it be banned. A non - smoker shouldn’t have to suffer just because people have not got enough will power to stop.
P2:- Good - morning, I’m Kate. From Britain. I have friends who smoke. Sure, I don’t want them to, but they do anyway. I don’t think that banning it in public will work at all. People will do what they want when they want.
P3:- Hello, my name is Mike. I’m from France. One answer is that many teens think it cool. For tobacco companies cigarettes mean money. For us they mean disease and even death.
P4:- Tobacco companies spend millions to encourage the young to start or to continue smoking ‘’The Marlboro Man’’, ‘’Joe the Camel’ and others do cool things and act important while smoking just to get you, to think that if you smoke this brand, you can do these things to. This isn’t true. These people are not real and the things they do are made up.
Stage (көрініс).
P1:- Do you smoking?
P2:- No, I don’t.
P1:- Why? What are you doing?
P2 - I wait my friends and we go to the cinema.
P1:- O’key. Bravo. Are you know, if you smoking, you will courage, fine.
P2:- It’s right. Then, let go I try to smoke.
P1:- Well, bay - bay!
P2 - Hi! How are you? You are beautiful today. This is you.
Girl;- Thank you! Oh, it’s bad breath smell and flowers too bad smell.
- Are you smoking? For a long time smoke? I don’ go with you in the cinema. Good - bye!
P2:- I don’t understand. Why is she go away?
The ‘’Group’’ stagy.
Teacher:- What do you know about cigarette?

Shocking facts.
P1:- Over 90% of all smokers start before they are 18.
Average age for a new smoker is 13.
P2:- Among the 13 - year old smokers there are more girls than boys.
Stage: ( Ортаға бір оқушы шығып темекі тартып тұрады. Бір уақытта қасына адамдар жинала бастайды.)
P1:- Smoking isn’t cool.

P4:- It can kill us.
P5:- Where is air freshener.
P6:- Go out the cigarette.
Your home task for today: write essay.
P1:- Your clothes and hair will have a terrible smell. You will have bad breath. Smoking causes heart attacks. Cigarette smoke clogs and makes lungs awfully dirty nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocain.
P2:- You teeth will turn yellow. A smoker is 22 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non - smoker. Seven out of 10 smokers want to quit, but can’t.
Stage: People will do what they want when they want. In nature anybody yourself poison. To friends to go to the nature, rest from city. They are to gather their things and one forget your cigarette. In the fresh friend who non - smoker – swimming, fishing, but that boy who smoke all day unmood. Only evening, when they are from house, he is smoking, then he is calm.

Know What to know Learned
Smoking isn’t cool.
Smoking is disgusting and stupid.
It’s bad for health.
You will have bad breath. Which harm bring to smoking for health?
What the bad of our life?
What will be, if long time smoke? Your teeth will turn yellow.
Your clothes and hair will have a terrible smell.
A smoker is 22 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non - smoker.

P1:- Smoker is a disgusting and stupid habit. – Why should we suffer from smokers?
P2:- If people want to will themselves, let them. But, I don’t see why we should let them kill others?
P3:- Smoking isn’t cool. It’s stupid. It can kill us. I strongly believe it should be banned.
P4:- Ithink people should stop smoking because you are more likely to die some bad, sad, sad, sad for health.

P.- Темекі денсаулықты аяусыз бұзатын аса кен тараған зиянды әдет деп осы бүгінгі тәрбие сағатымызды аяқтаймыз.
P:- And what do you think?
Соңында « Атамекен» әні қазақ және ағылшын тілдерінде орындалды.
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